Gov. DeSantis Declares Florida Will Not Become a “Biomedical Security State”

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida had some very choice words for the Biden administration in his recent press conference. In his press conference, Gov. DeSantis blasted Biden for being critical of the state of Florida’s COVID response.

DeSantis then said he didn’t want to hear a “blip” from Biden until he gets the Southern Border crisis under wraps.

The governor of Florida didn’t stop there; he then made it very clear that residents of Florida will have a choice on whether or not to be vaccinated and no mandates would be set in place.

As Desantis was concluding his speech, he then stated that Florida would not become a “biomedical security state.” The Florida governor later said he would stand in the way of the federal government attempting the state to become one.

Gov. DeSantis Also Stood Up For Kids and Parents’ Rights

According to the New York Post, during DeSantis’ speech in front of the Town Hall in Panama City, DeSantis blasted Biden’s decision to make kindergarteners wear masks in school.

He then charismatically told the crowd that in the state of Florida, parents, not the federal government, will make the decision on whether or not their children will wear masks. DeSantis’ declaration was well received and the crowd he was addressing started to clap and cheer.

DeSantis continued to slam the Biden administration and other Democrat states like New York who are advocating businesses to require proof of vaccination. Mayor Bill DeBlasio recently declared that businesses in NYC must ask patrons for proof of vaccination before they are allowed to enter their establishments.

DeSantis pointed out NYC’s new rules are discriminating against young people who can’t even get vaccinated due to their ages. DeSantis’s short speech to the press made it very clear that he’s not bowing down to the federal government. If Trump and DeSantis decide to run together on a ticket, then the swamp in Washington might be drained once and for all.

Biden’s Comments Fired Up DeSantis

Several weeks ago, Biden and DeSantis were side by side and were complimenting each other on their responses to the Surfside building collapse; that changed drastically after Biden decided to use Florida as a scapegoat for the spread of COVID-19.

Instead of targeting New York’s disastrous response to COVID-19 and Gov. Cuomo, Biden decided to target Florida and Gov. DeSantis instead. In Biden’s most recent address to the public, he declared that Republican leaders in Texas and Florida need to get out of the way so the federal government can step in and control red states’ response to COVID-19.

It’s clear that the Biden administration and the mainstream media will do their best to silent the AG of New York’s most recent report that revealed Gov. Cuomo sexually assaulted several former aides and advisors.