Gov. DeSantis Slams Biden: “What Else Has He Forgotten?”

Governor. Ron DeSantis of Florida had a perfect comeback for Joe Biden’s latest joke. Yesterday, when a reporter asked Biden about what he thought of Gov. DeSantis, Biden sarcastically replied, “Governor who?”.

Well, Gov. DeSantis addressed Biden’s snarky comment about him and absolutely slammed Biden. While at Chipola College, a member of the press asked Gov. DeSantis what he thought about Biden’s comment to which the governor replied that he isn’t shocked that Biden forget him; DeSantis then questioned what else has slipped the president’s mind.

According to Fox News, Governor DeSantis didn’t stop there; he continued by saying the president has neglected to remember Cuban demonstrators, the inflation crisis, and the Southern border. ‘

The Florida governor then answered Biden’s question and said he is the “governor who” lets parents determine which healthcare choices are right for their kids. DeSantis later noted that he is the “governor who” protects Floridians, parents, small businesses, and more.

Biden Might Have Been Joking But He Has Forgotten

Biden was obviously joking about not knowing DeSantis, but he’s been caught on video hundreds of times forgotten dates, times, and important information. Just the other day, Biden declared that America has over 350 million people vaccinated. That’s obviously not true, considering America only has around 328 million.

While making a speech outside of the Mack headquarters last week, Biden stated that he ran for president for three reasons; he named the first and second reason, but forgot to mention a third one. In the exact same speech, Biden also stated he served under President Trump in 2009 before fixing his mistake and correctly saying President Obama.

Another noticeable mistake Biden made was when he was on the campaign trail in 2020 and claimed he was in the Senate 180 years ago! So, DeSantis is absolutely right that Biden has forgotten important issues like the border crisis and inflation; yet, what’s scarier is that he can’t even remember simple statistics.

Trump’s Former Doctor Previously Declared Biden Should Resign

Trump’s former White House doctor, Rep. Ronny Jackson, earlier in the month declared Biden should resign over his obvious cognitive decline. Rep. Jackson also stated he believes that Biden wouldn’t even pass a cognitive test, which is the reason why he has refused to get one yet.

According to Jackson, Trump passed his cognitive test with a 30/30; Jackson also believes if Biden were ever to take one, the 25th Amendment would be enacted. The 25th Amendment declares if the president is unable to fulfill their duties, due to death or a physical or mental illness, then the vice president would take his place.

Biden does have a medical check up towards the end of the year, but it’s unsure whether this will check his mental capabilities.