Gov. Greg Abbot Declares Democrats Who Fled Texas Will Be Arrested

Governor Greg Abbott is looking to throw down the hammer on Democrat lawmakers who recently fled the state in order to prevent a vote on new election laws in Texas.

The Associated Press reported Republican Governor Greg Abbott said that the Democrat lawmakers who fled the state of Texas with the motive to prevent election bills from moving forward will be arrested as soon as they land back in Texas.

The words from Governor Abbott are a bold proclamation; however, it’s what’s needed since Democrat lawmakers (who are being paid with tax dollars) are leaving their duties to go to D.C. on a mini-vacation because they don’t agree with Texas new election bills.

Gov. Abbott went on to say that the Democrat lawmakers will be arrested; they’ll then put back into a legislative session where the lawmakers will have to participate in a special legislative session that will vote for election bills.

Details On The Democrats Fleeing From Texas

Private planes carried over 50 Texas Democrats who left the statw on Monday and made their way to Washington D.C. In D.C, they held press conferences aimed to press Congress to pass federal voter protection laws.

The mass exodus of the Democrat lawmakers from a special legislative session meant the House couldn’t reach a quorum, so by law the election bills couldn’t be voted on.

Democrats posted gleeful selfies and hypocritical maskless photos while they were on the plane. It was as if they were joyful that they were neglecting their patriotic duties; then, Texas Democrats set off to D.C. where they would be praised as heroes by the far-left news media.

The bills that the Democrats are enraged about would prevent 24 hour polling places, ban drop boxes, and give more authority to poll watchers.

Flashback to 2003

Back in 2003, over 50 Democrats yet again avoided a special legislative session and headed to Oklahoma to hide in a hotel.

State troopers even got involved and followed the lawmakers, but they were too late. Eventually, the Democrat lawmakers made it safely to Ardmore, Oklahoma. The whole point of fleeing was to prevent a quorum in the Republican-led House.

The lawmakers fled due to their major disagreements with a Republican-inspired redistricting bill that would take away at least five Democrat seats in the House. The bill ended up passing several months later after a long standoff.

It appears some things never change: Democrats are still running away from their problems, instead of facing them like Republican lawmakers who are in blue states.

When’s the last time you’ve heard of Republicans fleeing California due to far-left bills? You haven’t, but this won’t be an isolated incident.

If D.C. and Hollywood continue to paint Democrat lawmakers as superstars for abandoning their jobs, then they’ll continue to do it.