Government Watchdog Group Sues the CIA

A government watchdog group has just sued the CIA, and for good reason too.

Judicial Watch is the watchdog that has sued the CIA. This is after the agency refused to hand over documents that were requested by Judicial Watch through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).

The documents that Judicial Watch was asking to obtain were communication records between Joint Chief of Staffs Mark Milley and Director of the CIA Gina Haspel.

The watchdog group was attempting to acquire the communication records, due to the fact Haspel previously told Gen. Milley that a ‘right-wing coup could occur’ under Trump’s watch.

More Details on the Story

Tom Fitton, who serves as the president of Judicial Watch, released a statement saying Americans should be terrified the Pentagon was targeting President Trump.

The lawsuit that was filed by Judicial Watch notes they want to receive all communications between Gen. Milley and CIA Director Gina Haspel between 2020-2021.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if the CIA and Department of Defense were conspiring against Trump because Trump called Gen. Milley out on multiple different occasions.

Trump even called Milley the “woke general,” a title that has stuck with him.

The CIA and Department of Defense Have No Accountability

Earlier in the year, under General Mark Milley’s leadership, the US military launched a drone strike in Afghanistan which killed ten civilians, seven of which were children.

Milley claimed the airstrike was a righteous kill. Yet, it ended up being far from it and no terrorists were killed in the strike.

Meanwhile, no one within the Department of Defense was held accountable for the failure of the strike or the horrific withdrawal in Afghanistan.

The CIA has a long history of being a rogue agency itself.

Ever since the CIA conducted strange experiments, such as MK Ultra, and planned for false flag events during the Cuban missile crisis through Operation Northwoods, the CIA has lost trust from the American people.

Most recently, a report by Buzz Feed News revealed the agency has had over ten employees and contractors who have committed sickening sex crimes against children.

What makes the report even more disturbing was only one agent was charged with a crime; the others were not charged at all, due to fear the employees and contractors would leak intel out of spite.

It appears the CIA is worried about its own safety, instead of the safety of American children.

With the long history of corruption between both the CIA and Department of Defense, it comes as no surprise that Judicial Watch’s FOIA request has been completely ignored.

However, when these documents do get released, they could reveal treason conducted by top leaders in the CIA and Department of Defense.