US Government Secretly Flying Illegal Immigrants Into New York at Night

New videos that have been leaked show a government contractor telling a police officer the United States government has secretly been flying illegal immigrants into Westchester, New York.

The video came into the public eye after the officer’s body camera footage was released through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).

The footage not only captures the federal contractor making his bold confession, but also was able to show dozens of illegal immigrants departing from a charter flight.

This isn’t the first time the feds have been caught flying illegal immigrants into New York; way back in October, the New York Post was able to capture illegal immigrants exiting planes in White Plains, New York.

More Details on the Secret Flights

The videos of the secret flights to Westchester, New York took place back on August 13, 2021, at the height of the border crisis.

One Westchester County officer asked a federal contractor onboard what was going on, to which the federal contractor replied, ‘the government is betraying its people.’

The Westchester County officer asking the federal agents questions was Sgt. Michael Hamborsky and he didn’t ask softball questions either.

Sgt. Hamborsky asked the contractors who was running the operation and one contractor said the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and US Army were orchestrating the nighttime secret flights to release illegal immigrants into New York.

The Operation Was on the Hush Hush

Cotractactors who were on board the secret flight would go on to tell Sgt. Hamborsky that the operation was on the hush; those same contractors stated, at times, DHS doesn’t even tell them where they are going.

In total, close to 2,000 illegal immigrants were flown into New York in the early hours of the morning between June to October.

In sum for the year 2021, over two million illegal immigrants crossed the US border; it was all due to Biden’s refusal to tighten up the United States’ national security.

At the moment, the United States isn’t concerned with its own borders, but rather Ukraine’s borders, which is quite hypocritical.

Just think about it; for years, Democrats have stated building a wall and putting military personnel at our borders is racist and not built on the values this nation was founded on.

However, when it comes to Ukraine’s borders, Democrats and Republicans have no problem sending billions of dollars worth of aid to protect Ukraine from Russian invasion.

It’s bizarre to think Biden wants to wage war with Russia, considering they are ultimately the great equalizer in the event of WWIII.

Just think about it; we can learn a lot from Russia’s involvement in WWII. Although Russia does have its flaws, it’s best to have them on our side if a war breaks out with China, than to have both Russia and China wage war against the United States.