Governor Abbott Sends Illegal Immigrants to White House

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared that he would dispatch illegal immigrants from Dallas to Washington, DC, in protest against the Biden administration.

While many believed he was joking and would never ever make this happen, they were proven wrong.

The first bus came to Washington DC and unloaded the illegal immigrants it was transporting on board.

Take a look at this:

Obviously, it would be preferable if they were simply deported at this point.

However, because dealing with undocumented immigrants is a federal obligation, instead of a state responsibility, Abbott does not have the jurisdiction to deport the illegals in question.

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Consequently, Governor Abbott really followed through on something conservatives have been joking about for quite some time now, in moving illegal immigrants from Texas to Washington, DC.

Governor Abbott stated the following, as a reminder:

“Following the termination of Title 42 expulsions by the Biden administration in May, Texas will take unprecedented steps this month to do something no other state in America has ever accomplished in history to better defend our state and our nation.”

Texas is offering charter buses to transport hordes of illegal immigrants who’ve been released by the Biden administration to Washington, D.C. This is in order to assist local authorities whose towns are being swamped by multitudes of illegal immigrants.

“We are delivering them to the capital of the United States, where the Biden administration will be able to more quickly meet the people’s needs who are being allowed to enter our border,” said the governor.

In order to address this, he has now taken concrete steps to ensure the illegals are removed from the buses. Governor Abbott announced the decision in a message released early Wednesday morning:

“In lieu of President Biden’s mediocre leadership, Texans want and deserve a bold, comprehensive approach to secure our border.”

Local Police Actions

Local police have stepped up to defend Texans from serious offenders, deadly narcotics, and illegal cargo that is flowing into Texas as the federal government continues to tear back common-sense rules that previously kept our communities secure.

“Texas has always been a law-and-order state. I am grateful to our police officers who have followed orders to protect and defend their fellow Texans when the federal government was absent from the scene in order to secure our southern border.”

Indeed. It’s a significant battle, too; many people believe by opening the border to illegal immigrants, Biden has placed a substantial load on the tails of those surrounding states that must deal with the problem and deal with the illegal immigrants.

Now, by transporting them to Washington, D.C., Abbott is shifting the burden of duty back onto the shoulders of the federal government.