Greater Presence of Dogs Could Drive Down Crime Rates

Over the past several years, crime has become an increasingly more threatening problem to society at large.

In various communities, robberies, rapes, carjackings, homicides, and other deadly acts of lawlessness have been on an incline. A large part of this is due to policies that facilitate crime.

A few examples of such policies include defunding law enforcement, allowing criminals early release from prison, and campaigns to replace police officers with social workers.

However, despite current problems with crime, a new study may have revealed a solution. As it turns out, the solution deals with having more dogs in neighborhoods, according to The Hill.

Everything to Know About the New Study

Researchers have determined that when people walk their dogs, what they’re essentially doing is providing a neighborhood patrolling service, even if they don’t realize it.

As it turns out, dogs have a keen sense of when something isn’t right or when an individual may be up to no good. This, in turn, often leads to a deterrence of crime that would otherwise go undetected for quite some time.

The research to support this is very telling.

Data from marketing organizations and census block firms showed that neighbors with a greater canine presence endured lower rates of property crimes, along with fewer personal crimes, such as robbery, homicide, and physical assault.

It’s also worth noting that when it comes to fighting against crime, dogs have a serious advantage over other domesticated animals like cats. This is why law enforcement officers frequently work with, train, and take dogs with them out in the fields.

A Greater Sense of Community

This latest study also revealed when dogs are out and about with their owners, it tends to spark friendly discussions between members of the community. Likewise, it’s not uncommon for people to pet dogs who are passing by.

Ultimately, this plays a role in dogs being able to familiarize themselves with the community. Dogs can recognize people who may stand out or otherwise appear off.

Previous studies also show dogs can be a good judge of character. All things considered, a sense like this would go a long way towards driving down crime rates in communities.

It would also allow personal owners of dogs to be on alert when something doesn’t seem quite right.

Finally, both the timing of this study and the importance of bringing down crime rates across the United States simply cannot be overstated.

Do you believe a greater presence of dogs in neighborhoods can ultimately help bring down rates of crime? Do you think this study will be helpful as various communities look to increase safety levels? Let us know about this and your views in the comments area below.