Greta Thunberg Calls Out Joe Biden for Lack of Leadership

It appears the far-left is now turning on itself.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg, who earlier gave Biden her approval over Donald Trump, has now taken a shot at Biden. Thunberg is infamous for yelling at UN leaders for their lack of concerns about climate change.

She has now turned her anger towards Biden; Thunberg went on record saying, ‘it’s strange to claim the Biden administration are leaders when it comes to climate change.’

Thunberg made her statement after the Biden administration expanded their fossil fuel uses and condemned the US for doing so.

As usual, Thunberg claimed she and other students shouldn’t be the ones to raise awareness for climate change, but rather government officials should do it.

It appears Biden isn’t too far left enough for Thunberg and he should be more proactive when it comes to climate change. However, Biden did recently blame the tornado in Kentucky on climate change, so maybe he’s appeasing the climate activist a little bit.

Biden, Thunberg, and other climate activists should sit down and read about the dustbowl because if that happened in today’s society, they would predict the world has only a couple years to survive.

Climate Lockdown Could be Coming Soon

Climate activists like Thunberg would be overjoyed if world leaders issued a lockdown to combat climate change.

United States climate adviser Gina McCarthy, in September, stated climate has officially become a health emergency. Biden, after a hurricane struck North Carolina earlier in the year, claimed the United States is in a code red situation when it comes to climate change.

The US Climate Advisor’s comments are troubling because just as lawmakers, governors, and the federal government claimed COVID-19 lockdowns were issued to keep everyone safe and healthy, a climate lockdown could be issued to do the same thing.

Scientists, Doctors Will Lead the Charge for Climate Lockdowns

Research conducted by Stanford revealed carbon dioxide emissions decreased by over 2.4 tons. This statistic alone will rile up climate activists to call for global climate lockdowns worldwide.

What would a life look like on a global climate lockdown? Well first, jobs and other businesses would have to end up entirely online in order to make ends meet.

Some companies might even enter into the metaverse and hold meetings and events within virtual reality. This may sound like science fiction but these are the puzzles in place and unless there’s any pushback, this will happen.

Also, more than likely, red meat consumption would be monitored; cattle farmers would be limited on how much cattle they can raise, due to their farts and burps polluting the atmosphere.

That last sentence may sound crazy, but scientists and even Bill Gates have gone on record, promoting synthetic meat because real meat apparently hurts the environment.