Harris Finally Decides to Check In on the Border Situation, Outside the US

"Senator Kamala Harris" by California National Guard

During a recent press conference, Vice President and “border czar” Kamala Harris announced she will be visiting a contentious border area this week; although it’s not the one you’d expect, given the current situation in the US.

Apparently, she will be traveling to the DMZ between North and South Korea to tour sites in the area. Harris will speak with the present service members, while also receiving a certain operational briefing from commanding officers in the US Army.

“Kamala Harris” by Gage Skidmore

Harris needs to set her priorities straight

The trip is scheduled to happen a couple of days after yesterday’s meeting with the Prime Minister of South Korea, Han Duck-soo. He said her visit to the DMZ will be a symbolic representation of her commitment to the security of the border between the two countries.

It’s easy to spit out what’s wrong with this whole story, considering how both Harris and Biden have continuously ignored the border situation in the US. Yet, they’re willing to travel halfway across the world to ensure another country’s border is safe and sound.

Naturally, the US southern border isn’t even the top priority for the Biden administration, which is happier to deal with instating liberal policies that feed into the “woke” narrative of the left, rather than maintaining national security.

According to the White House, the trip to the DMZ between the two countries was scheduled due to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s parliament passing a law that would allow him to launch a preemptive nuclear strike.

Do we have a secure border?

While the threat of nuclear fallout is definitely something to take note of, let’s not forget North Korea has been all bark and no bite for quite some time now. Reports have shown the country is still struggling to get back on its feet after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hilariously enough, Harris boldly declared that our southern border was “secure” in an interview with Chuck Todd of MSNBC only a couple of weeks earlier.

Naturally, this is due to the Biden administration cleverly redefining what a secure border actually means.

Biden’s White House is shaping the definition of the word to fit their actions regarding the chaos that’s currently unfolding there, or better said, lack of action, considering their neglect of the issue is what caused the massive influx of illegal aliens in the past year.

During that same interview, Harris even demanded that Congress grants amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants who made their way into the country.

This is practically obsoleting the hard work of the Border Patrol agents who have been stretched thin and wide ever since Biden’s open border policies were put into place.

In standard Democratic fashion, Harris blamed the current situation on the Trump administration, claiming the immigration system had become particularly broken in the past four years and she’s working overtime on fixing it.