Harris Says Biden Isn’t Thinking About Running Again

In a new statement, Vice President Kamala Harris said she and Biden have yet to talk about running again for re-election in 2024.

According to Fox News, Harris went on record saying she and Biden are too busy to talk about re-election; instead, they are more focused on building the economy at the moment.

The only problem with the vice president’s statement is that inflation has gone up while she and Biden have been too busy “reviving” our economy.

Harris’ answers bring even more speculation as to whether or not 79-year-old Biden will run to be president again. Many believe he will not be mentally or physically capable of running again.

Therefore, the view is that the DNC will ask Kamala Harris to run for the presidency instead.

Biden and Harris Appear to Have a Riff

Several reports within the White House have revealed Harris, Joe Biden, and Jill Biden are not getting along well.

First Lady Jill Biden has had a riff with Vice President Kamala Harris since Harris stated she believed Biden’s sexual accusers during her 2020 presidential campaign. Biden himself has felt as if Harris is distancing herself from him.

During both the border crisis and the Afghanistan withdrawal, Harris has been missing in order to save her political career and let Biden take all of the blame.

During the late Senator Bob Dole’s funeral, a video of Biden changing seats with his wife in order to not sit next to Harris went viral. Take a look below!

Biden, during his most recent visit to Kentucky, was also met by “Let’s go Brandon” chants. This shows Biden’s popularity just continues to get worse with each day he’s in office.

The Republican Party Already Knows Who the Nominee Will be

There’s no doubt who will run for the presidency within the Republican Party. Trump is already the frontrunner; he has yet to announce his official campaign, due to him wanting to delay his official announcement.

This is because of campaign rules and in order for him to create momentum going into the 2024 election. However, there’s a mystery of who will be Trump’s vice president.

Some speculate it will be the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis; many others believe Trump will pick political analyst Candace Owens. That’s not all; some people have even hypothesized Trump will choose General Michael Flynn or former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Trump’s former Vice President Mike Pence has not even met up with him after leaving the White House. Therefore, many Americans believe their relationship is gone forever after what occurred on January 6th.

Regardless of who Trump chooses as vice president, he’s bound to win the 2024 election by a landslide if mail-in ballots aren’t used again.