Harvard Chemistry Chair Admits Accepting Close to $100,000 from China

Harvard University’s former chair of its chemistry department has just been accused of accepting close to over $100,000 from China.

Currently, Charles Lieber, a nanoscientist and former Harvard chair, is in federal court. He’s also facing six felony charges, two of which are for false statements and more, for failing to report his income from China.

As of right now, until proven guilty, Lieber is still on paid administrative leave at Harvard University. Lieber worked directly with a CCP-ran program; his title within the program was “strategist scientist”.

More Details Behind Lieber’s Alleged Crimes

According to the Epoch Times, Lieber made six trips to China, where he received a range of $10,000- $20,000 each time he traveled. The former Harvard chair was paid in cash and the rest of his money was put in a Chinese bank account.

Lieber was paid by a Chinese school and involved with China’s Thousand Talents Program, which recruits scientists all over the world. So essentially, the CCP breached one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

How many other intellectuals are in bed with China and secretly leaking American innovations and studies to our adversaries?

As of right now, it’s unknown if Lieber will face prison time, due to the fact he already has an advanced stage of Lymphoma and his current health condition is not very stable.

If he doesn’t face any jail time, it won’t be because of his sickness, but it will be because of who he is connected to and that’s Harvard.

Harvard Claims Standard Testing is Racist

Harvard has officially stopped accepting standardized test scores, due to COVID-19. Applicants for Harvard no longer have to submit ACT and SAT scores in order to to be accepted into the university.

Classes of 2027-2030 no longer have to submit standardized test scores, due to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting classes. As of right now, Harvard is the first Ivy League school to drop the standardized test scores, which leaves students with mixed emotions.

While Harvard is banning standardized testing for admittance, some schools in California are getting on their way to get rid of math because it is “racist”. Education officials in California are introducing a new math curriculum that aims to fight “white supremacy” in math.
In the new curriculum, teachers are given a manual that doesn’t allow them to tell students their answers are wrong; teachers aren’t allowed to ask students to show their work because that’s racist apparently.
So, essentially, math classes will be served as a place where students are always right and the teachers are always wrong and racist. Wokeness has got to end because at this point it is almost as if our reality is some sort of parody.