Hellish Plot for Leftist Totalitarianism Weaponizes ‘Loneliness Epidemic’

An incredibly hellish, sickening plot to transform the United States into a far-left anti-utopia is contained in a brand new public health advisory. This was released by the Surgeon General of the Biden administration.

Commies Pushing Harder for Anti-Utopia

With Biden in the White House for over two years now, Democrats are finding diverse justifications for pushing nauseating measures upon the good people of the United States, one day at a time.

Those justifications included the weaponization of previously unimaginable factors and matters, in this latest case – of what is called a “loneliness epidemic” that came after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, a rather “neat” outline of a plot to enslave Americans and subjugate them is contained in an advisory released by Biden’s Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, The Federalist reports.

The advisory is presented as innocuous as it seeks to beat some kind of a “loneliness and isolation” pandemic because that is said to be a public health issue.

‘United Soviet States of America (USSA)’

Yet, a closer look into the six government action “pillars” in the 81-page advisory reveals Democrats are eager to emulate the former Soviet Union and today’s Communist China in all their glory.

In a nutshell, Vivek Murthy’s paper seems like an atrocious outline to control the private life of American citizens, while also fully regulating and shattering our freedom of assembly.

The advisory proposes widespread, all-permeating government actions and measures that should be obligatory for all in order to overcome “loneliness.”

This is a stark reminder of the Soviet Union, where anybody who disliked communism was put in horrible mental health clinics because a sane person had to like communism.

Among other crazy, disgraceful, and denigrating initiatives, Murthy proposes the destruction of the single-family house.

He’s for implementing the dreadful communist concept of “15-minute cities” where we would be corralled like cattle to inhabit nightmarish apartment complexes and public housing projects.

Because the Communist Democratic Party of America does not want you to be lonely, it only wants total, unbridled control over your body, being, soul, and dignity.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.