Here is the January 6th Footage They Are Hiding From You

The left has acted as if the January 6th riot at the Capitol building was the worst event to ever happen on American soil, which is a complete lie. Newly released CCTV videos from the Capitol grounds have now been publicized.

These CCTV videos show what really happened on January 6th. The videos were released after a federal judge shared the videos against the Biden administration’s order.

The videos were obtained by BuzzFeed News; they covered a 15 minute span between 2:25 pm-2:40 pm. Judge Beryl Howell released the videos, due to the fact the majority of them were used in prosecution cases.

Take a look at the video here:

There Was No Insurrection

Democrats and RINOs have again and again used the word insurrection for what happened on January 6th; however, this video shows a different story. Biden and RINOs like George Bush called the people inside of the Capitol building terrorists and threats to our national security, but the newly released footage shows a different story.

The videos show a bunch of tourists, not terrorists, who are taking selfies along with videos. There was no bayonets or weapons brought into the White House, but instead signs and American flags.

What Democrats supported all throughout the summer of 2020 was more deadly than what happened on January 6th. Hundreds of businesses were burned down and looted during the summer when BLM groups and Antifa wreaked havoc in Democrat-run cities.

Several people also lost their lives, due to gun violence too. The one person who lost their life on January 6th was Ashli Babbitt who was an avid Trump supporter and Air Force veteran. Democrats, however, have ignorantly compared the January 6th riot to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor where thousands of people lost their lives.

Other Videos Show Police Standing Down

Another video released showed a man wearing a MAGA hat and asking police in riot gear to go save the Capitol and call for backup. The police simply hold their post and ignore the man’s instructions.

It was almost as if they were told to stand down and allow the Capitol to be trespassed.

Take a look:

Another video shows a different view; it shows hundreds of people walking into the Capitol building where police are standing a couple hundred feet away doing nothing. The left has used the J6 riots as a weapon against Trump and his supporters to demonize them every chance they get.

It appears there were agent provocateurs, the FBI, along with members of Antifa. Therefore, Judge Beryl Howel psychologically manipulated hundreds of Trump supporters to enter into the Capitol in order to silence Trump and censor Americans’ voices all at once.

Just think about it; hours after the J6 event occurred, the president of the United States Donald J. Trump was kicked off of every social media platform at once. So essentially, January 6th isn’t the day of the “insurrection.”

Rather, it was the day Democrats declared a precedent that big tech and corporations have more power than even the president of the United States.