Highlights From Trump’s Speech at CPAC

The highlight of the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference was when President Trump took the stage in front of a nearly sold-out venue in Dallas, Texas.

Minutes before he took the stage, it was announced that Trump was the 2024 Republican Nomination Straw Poll winner with over 70% of the vote. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in second place in the poll with only 21%.

Trump started his speech by thanking the crowd for their support; he then immediately took a shot at the mainstream media for reporting bogus polls which stated that Texas was going to turn blue in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump continued and said Texas will never turn blue and the crowd started to chant “USA”.

The last time Texas turned blue was in 1976 when Democrat Jimmy Carter defeated Republican Gerald Ford. The newest census revealed Texas will gain two more electoral college votes, whereas California ended up losing one due to population decrease.

As expected, Trump also condemned the Biden administration for their catch and release policy and also for halting any new construction to the border wall.

Trump Hammered the Far-Left

Trump took the time to remind everyone in the crowd that the far-left isn’t the majority in the country, but rather “we” are the majority.

He then compared the far-left movement to that of the communist and socialist movements; Trump said they believe in “Marxist mortality” which means they can justify any of their deeds as long as it hurts their opponents.

President Trump Talked About His Lawsuit Against Big Tech

The 45th president also touched on his big lawsuit that he just announced last week. In front of the sold-out crowd, Trump declared that the lawsuit was filed so the constitutional rights of American citizens will no longer be attacked by Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

He also talked about how the New York Post’s big story on Hunter Biden’s laptop was banned from social media. Trump then continued and stated that a poll showed that if the story was never taken off of social media, then 10% of Biden voters would’ve voted for Trump if they knew about Biden’s scandals.

Fox News Put Up a Disclaimer During Trumps Speech

During the speech, Trump claimed that he won the election and stated that the election was rigged. He also said the voting system that America has now running makes it too easy for Democrats to cheat.

As Trump was making these statements, Fox News put up a disclaimer on their screen which read that Voting systems have firmly denied any assertions that they rigged the most recent presidential election.

The disclaimer by Fox News was absolutely bizarre; it appears the company is scared they might get sued by Dominion Voting Systems like Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, and Mike Lindell.

Fox News has been in hot water with conservatives, considering they called the state of Arizona early on November 3rd.

They have also failed to report on any election fraud that occurred during the 2020 election. The only person who has really spoken out against election fraud on Fox News is Tucker Carlson and it wasn’t until recently he started to speak out.