Highlights of President Trump’s Border Visit

President Trump made his way to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas; he also had a lot to say regarding the Biden administration’s handling of the Southern border crisis.

Trump, who was speaking at the hot spot where thousands of illegal immigrants cross every day said that Biden needed to do absolutely nothing in order to get a wall built. Trump continued and used more imagery in his words, saying if Joe decided to just go to the beach, there would be no immigration problems.

According to Reuters, Trump didn’t come alone; Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and 31 GOP representatives also made the trip to the Rio Grande Valley to listen to Trump’s speech.

He used his time on stage to express to the crowd, pressing that his administration was able to build over 500 miles worth of border wall, despite all the lawsuits which slowed the process down drastically.

How Trump and Kamala’s Visit Differ

The old saying goes location, location, location; that was the big difference between Trump’s and Kamala’s border visits. Kamala decided to visit El Paso which is over 600 miles from the actual border crisis. Trump, on the other hand, was smack dab in the center of the crisis; he visited the Rio Grande Valley, which is where the crisis is occurring.

The reception of both Trump and Kamala was different tremendously. When Kamala visited Texas, she was met with signs stating ‘Trump Won,’ while Trump was welcomed by his supporters and even 31 members of the GOP.

Democrat representatives have distanced themselves from Harris’ visit; they wouldn’t dare to make a trip, due to the fact making sure our national security is upheld is deemed as “racist”.

Gov. Greg Abbott Spoke At The Border Too

Texas Governor Greg Abbott blasted the Biden administration when he took the stage at the Texas border. Abbottt went on record to say that the crossing at the Rio Grande (where the speech was held) was up to almost 300%. Abbott then went on to declare his own plans to construct a more secure wall and explained that the state of Texas has already cleared out land to start the process

CNN’s Jim Acosta Got Booed For Asking AN Irrelevant Question

CNN decided to actually visit the border crisis, something they have rejected to do for the last couple of months. The network has recently been struggling with ratings, due to the fact they can’t cover their big moneymaker as much anymore (Trump).

CNN sent news reporter Jim Acosta to the border; as Trump finished his speech CNN news reporter Jim Acosta yelled out, asking the former president if he’d issue an apology for the riots on January 6; the crowd started to immediately boo Jim’s irrelevant question.

Trump then proceeded to look in the crowd; once Trump noticed it was a CNN reporter that asked him the question, he just gave a thumbs up to the crowd.