Highlights Of Trump’s Rally In Arizona

President Trump was the keynote speaker at the “Rally To Protect Our Elections” hosted by Turning Point USA. Trump started his speech in front of a massive crowd in Phoenix, Arizona; during this time, Trump stated that he will continue to fight for America’s birthright of fair and free elections.

He then started to praise the “conservative warriors” within Arizona’s Senate for conducting a forensic audit in Maricopa County. The 45th president proceeded by offering his gratitude towards Arizona Senate President Karen Fann.

Fann has been leading the efforts in the Maricopa County Election audit. Trump then stated that he believes the final results will be absolutely outrageous and cause the Arizona Senate to investigate even more on what exactly happened on election night in Maricopa County.

Trump Blasts Arizona Governor and Democrats

Not everybody received approval from Trump; Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey didn’t get a warm welcome; that’s due to him previously stating that no election fraud occurred in Arizona. According to The Hill, Trump then took jabs at Ducey for being unpopular in the state.

Trump also said that previously when he would hold rallies in the state, Ducey would never get a big applause from the crowd when Trump introduced him. He followed that statement up by saying that Ducey isn’t very popular with him either.

As always, Trump didn’t hold his tongue; he blasted Democrats for stealing the election and went on to say when they steal it from you and rig it, you have no other choice than to fight for it.

Trump even gave a bold warning and declared if election integrity isn’t restored, then 2022 and 2024 won’t even matter because the Democrats will just steal the election again.

Trump Wasn’t The Only Person To Get A Standing Ovation At The Rally

Moments before Trump addressed the crowd, Representative Paul Gosar was scheduled to give a speech; however, before he delivered his message to the crowd, he introduced Ashli Babbitt’s mom to the audience. The crowd instantaneously all got out of their chairs and started to clap and cheer.

Ashli Babbitt was killed when she tried climbing into the Capitol building window on January 6th. She was a retired Air Force Veteran and the day she entered the Capitol building, she was unarmed and had no weapons on her. After her death, the Department of Justice decided that they would not release the name of the Capitol officer who shot her.

Babbitt was a huge Trump supporter and her social media pages reflected that. Many believe if Ashli was not a Trump supporter, then the name of the officer involved in the shooting would be released.

On Tucker Carlson, Ashli Babbitt’s husband’s attorney stated that he believed that Ashli Babbitt’s shooter was a Capitol Officer previously disciplined for leaving his firearm inside of the Capitol Building’s bathroom; however, those details have yet to be confirmed.