Highlights of Trump’s Rally in Des Moines, Iowa

President Trump held a massive rally at the Iowa State Fair Grounds, where reportedly close to 40,000 people gathered in attendance. The 45th president’s rally opened up by playing a clip from the movie Patton.

The clip he showed had George C. Scott (who plays Patton in the movie) giving troops a pep talk. The introduction was an obvious jab towards the woke generals who are now in power sitting behind their comfy desks at the Pentagon.

As Trump took the stage, the crowd loudly chanted “USA USA USA!” He then quickly slammed Biden and stated in nine months, inflation has taken over the economy.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan; China is bucking stronger than ever, and radical leftists are creating policies that are stripping the United States from what made it the land of the free.

Trump Talks About the Latest Poll

Des Moines recently created a poll that revealed Biden currently has just a 31% approval rating. Trump, knowing this, asked his crowd ‘are any of you the 31% who approve of Biden?’

To this, the crowd shouted back “NO!” Trump went on to talk about another poll that states he has a 53% approval rating and mentioned how largely he won the state in the 2020 election.

As always at a Trump rally, no Democrat is safe from being called out. Besides the Biden administration getting blasted by Trump, the 45th president also called out Rep. Ilhan Omar. Trump stated that Omar is anti-Israel and then made the statement she married her own brother.

Although Trump’s statement sounds odd, it was reported in 2018 that Omar did, in fact, marry her brother. This was after she filed taxes with her ex-husband, instead of her current husband at the time, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Private investigators were also able to collect a DNA sample from a cigarette butt from Omar and a DNA sample of a straw that showed a 99.9% sibling match. Omar, however, denies the accusations, but has never used facts to deflect any evidence against her.

Trump Stands Up for Babies

Towards the end of his rally, Trump boldly declared the Republican Party as the party that stands for babies’ rights. He then went on to say that babies are a special gift from God and their lives should be protected at all costs.

He called out Virginia’s governor for passing an abortion law that allows babies to be aborted…even after birth if they have certain birth defects.

He also praised Iowa’s Senate for introducing a bill that will abolish the Hyde amendment that forces taxpayers’ dollars to fund abortions. Hats off to Iowa’s Senate for not offering rhetoric, but actually going to bat for the unborn and finding a solution!