The Highlights of Trump’s Rally in Florence, Arizona

President Trump was as fiery as ever during his rally in Florence, Arizona.

The 45th president spoke to a massive crowd which waited hours to get inside of the venue where Trump was speaking.

The 45th president walked onto the stage while ‘God Bless the USA’ played in the background. He then started off his rally by stating the 2020 presidential election was “rigged”.

Trump followed up his statements about alleged election fraud by giving Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kerri Lake his endorsement.

Kerri Lake then took the stage, where she commented she was going to help Trump build his big gorgeous wall. Earlier in the rally, before Trump took the stage, Lake told the sea of Trump supporters if she’s governor of Arizona, there will be no lockdowns or mandates.

Lake also went on to say the only person who would be in lockdown will be Dr. Fauci because he’ll be behind bars. Her statement sent the crowd’s energy through the roof.

More on Trump’s Rally

Trump then turned his attention to Biden’s mandates; he slammed the Biden administration for controlling people’s bodies in the name of science.

Unlike his last interviews and rallies, where he assumed credit for the vaccine rollout that took place through Operation Warp Speed, Trump seemed to have a change of heart. He didn’t mention the vaccine in a positive light at all.

He instead told his supporters that children’s immune systems are excellent and have no need for vaccines. Later, Trump went on to blast Biden for not allowing or providing therapeutics recovery methods outside of the vaccine.

Trump would go on to attack Biden’s decision to treat COVID-19 patients by race and said he is violating people’s basic civil rights.

Besides exposing Biden’s domestic policies, Trump took jabs at his foreign policies too. He would explain to the crowd Afghanistan’s demise, Russia’s clear threats to Ukraine, and China’s pressure on Taiwan.

Trump Also Brings Up January 6th

Trump had a lot to say about what took place on January 6th of last year. The former president claimed the FBI sent informants into the crowd, which caused many of his supporters to follow them into the Capitol building.

Trump specifically called out an alleged FBI informant by the name of Ray Epps. The January 6th committee being run by Democrats and, in Trump’s own words, “RINOs” has yet to send a subpoena to Ray Epps or other alleged FBI informants.

Instead, the committee has targeted conservative news host Steve Bannon and host of Infowars, Alex Jones.

Trump looked great, and to be honest, he also looked very refreshed. His message sounded similar to his other rallies, but had more energy and excitement. The Trump train is rolling and it’s only 2022.