Highlights of Trump’s Rally in Texas

President Trump on Saturday visited the great state of Texas and spoke to thousands of his supporters decked out in MAGA gear. The 45th president was visiting Conroe, Texas, and had a lot to say regarding the future of the United States.

Trump told the sea of supporters if he wins the 2024 election, then he will pardon all of the political prisoners of January 6th. Many of the Trump supporters who were arrested for entering the Capitol building on January 6th are awaiting trial in federal prison in DC.

Currently, over 700 people have been charged for the Capitol riot, so it appears Trump will have a lot of pardons to give out if elected. Trump would go on to say they are not after you, but rather ‘they are after me.’

More on Trump’s Rally

Besides promising to pardon J6 protestors, Trump called out Biden for numerous failures. The biggest failure Trump called Biden out for was attempting to wage a war against Russia.

Trump said what most conservatives are already thinking and asked, ‘why are we protecting Ukraine’s border when we are allowing our own border to be violated?’

Trump would go on to say the US border should be number one, not Ukraine’s.

Trump then noted how there was peace while he was president; he went on to explain how his administration got rid of ISIS, signed the Abraham Accords, and was not on the verge of nuclear war with Russia.

Trump continued speaking. He played out the game plan for Republicans during the 2022 midterms and said it begins with ousting Nancy Pelosi.

He also predicted the 2022 midterms will be a landslide and the House will turn back red, which will hinder Democrats from passing bills.

Familiar Faces in the Texas Crowd

There were several notable faces in the crowd in Conroe, Texas.

One of those is Roger Clemens the former Redsox, Astros, and Yankees pitcher who is third all-time on MLB strikeout list.

Trump gave Clemens a shout-out and noted the MLB has turned woke. The president mentioned how Cleveland Indians changed their name, due to the team name “Indians” being apparently racist.

Trump also gave CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell a shoutout, but as soon as Trump mentioned Lindell’s name, the crowd went crazy and started chanting “We Love Mike!”

Mike Lindell has been fighting against election fraud ever since November 5th. Lindell is currently being sued by Dominion Voting Machines for over $1 billion for speaking out against the company.

One thing was clear in Conroe and it’s that Trump currently has the reigns of the Republican Party. At this time, the Trump train is rolling at supersonic speed and nobody can stop it at this point.