Hillary Clinton Compares MAGA Supporters and Republicans to Nazis

"Hillary Clinton" by Gage Skidmore

At one of her more recent speeches in Austin, TX, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a couple of things to say about the former administration, comparing Donald Trump and his supporters to none other than Nazis.

According to Hillary, the reason Trump managed to bring in so many people to respect his agenda was his “similarities” to Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party in WW2 Germany, even though there’s less than a tangent to be made between the two.

“Hillary Clinton” by Gage Skidmore

Less than a week after the murder of a conservative teen, Republicans are demonized again

The very notion that young people are willing to visit Trump’s political speeches has Hillary raving about the former president being a “Nazi”, so much so that she’s ignoring the vibes Biden is regularly giving off.

However, Hillary’s baseless claims definitely struck a wrong note with the crowd whose hearts were out for the mourning family of the 19-year-old teen who was murdered by a Democratic “activist” earlier this week.

According to the perpetrator, Ellingson, the boy in question, was part of a right-wing “extremist group.” He had to be neutralized, which is exactly what the 41-year-old Brandt managed to do with his vehicle.

Despite all the talk of Republicans being violent and a threat to national security, this incident showed us the exact opposite seems to be true, even if the media does their best to turn a blind eye to this story.

Trump 2024 will be the return of MAGA

In fact, Hillary’s claims of young men raising their arms during a Trump speech might be connected to an entirely different gesture. Many pointed out the crowd was signaling “Number 1,” or that it was, at worst, a reference to QAnon.

However, regardless of how misplaced and baseless Hillary’s accusations may have been, the Democrats’ “woke echo chamber” certainly enjoyed yet another echoing of the common anti-Trump rhetoric.

All of this is nothing new for Hillary. She’s made it her job to smear Trump’s name ever since she lost to him in the 2016 election, when she famously declared more than half of his supporters could be put in a “basket of deplorables.”

Fortunately, Hillary’s criticism will do little to stop Trump from his climb back to the top; he’s gaining traction once again and looking like a potential candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

Given how he’s doing in the polls against Biden and any other hypothetical candidate the Democrats may offer, it’s looking like a clean sweep for Trump once again.

The same goes for a number of other Republican candidates, including the highly unlikely Ron DeSantis, who seems to be focused on his position as governor of Florida instead.