Hillary Clinton Gives Up, Says Won’t Run in 2024 Presidential Election

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced in a television interview that she is not going to run for president of the United States ever again, thus dispelling rumors she may stage a third attempt to enter the White House as president.

Rumors About 2024 Run Since Last Year

As Biden has been suffering from declining approval ratings against the backdrop of a number of major crises, there have been rumors Clinton may be tempted to try to clinch the 2024 nomination of the Democrat Party.

In recent media appearances, Clinton has been commenting on the situation of the Democrat Party. She seemed to be criticizing the progressive left by saying far-left stances could hurt Democrats’ chances to win the midterm elections.

Most recently, Clinton has been promoting her new documentary series for Apple TV+ entitled “Gutsy” about successful, famous women, which she co-hosts together with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

In one of the recently aired excerpts from the show, Hillary declared the “gutsiest” thing she has done in her life is remain married to her husband, Bill Clinton, whom she described as a “serial cheat.”

Hillary Wants Trump to Be ‘Soundly Defeated’

Speaking in an interview with CBS, Clinton declared she will never run for president of the United States again.

Instead, Clinton said, she is going to do “everything” in her power in order to “make sure” America has a chief executive who “respects our democracies” and upholds the institutions of the US government and the rule of law.

When asked “what if” Trump runs for the White House again, Clinton declared “he should be soundly defeated.” She argued Trump’s defeat ought to begin inside the Republican Party and urged Republicans to “grow a backbone,” and to “stand up to this guy.”

In the event Trump once again wins the GOP nomination, Hillary insisted he must be defeated in the general election and get “sent back” to his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

In the same interview, Clinton accused Trump of heading a “seditious conspiracy” against the government of the United States between the 2020 election and the January 6, 2021 breach of the US Capitol.

She insisted when she herself lost to Trump back in 2016, while winning the popular vote by three million votes, she didn’t consider even for a “nanosecond” the possibility of claiming victory and trying to prevent the certification of the election.

Fox News points out Clinton is now singing a different tune since, in the years after the 2016 election loss, she repeatedly called Trump an “illegitimate president.”

Earlier on Tuesday, in a Twitter post, Clinton declared she couldn’t believe “we’re still talking” about the scandals with her emails and the private server she used while being the Secretary of State during the Obama administration.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.