Hillary Clinton Just Tested Positive For COVID-19

In a statement released Tuesday, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that she has tested positive again for coronavirus.

74-year-old Hillary Clinton admitted she had tested positive for COVID-19 in a tweet. “I’m experiencing some slight cold symptoms, but otherwise I’m good.”

Despite the fact that Clinton is fully vaccinated, she expressed gratitude to vaccinations for the supposed protections they can grant against serious infections.

It’s no surprise that Clinton praised the vaccines, despite them not even working. Democrats like Clinton really need to hear themselves speak sometimes because at this point , hey sound insane.

Bill Clinton Health Update

Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States of America, came back negative for COVID.

However, the former president is still also quarantined until the “home is completely in the clear,” according to another tweet from Clinton.

The letter continued, “Bill came back negative and is doing well. He’s quarantining himself until the rest of our home has been cleared. Recommendations for movies are greatly welcomed!”

In a statement, Angel Urea, a spokesperson for former President Bill Clinton, said the past president “is doing well and will remain to be examined in the days ahead.”

Jen Psaki Tests Positive

The news from Clinton followed a declaration by White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday night, in which she said she tested positive for the illness for the second time.

In light of this development, Psaki will thus be unable to attend her scheduled press conferences at the White House.

Psaki said a positive test would compel her to cancel another trip to Europe, where she was set to attend a series of urgent talks with international leaders to discuss Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine.

Psaki described this as “quite upsetting.” Biden is expected to leave for Belgium and Poland early in the morning on Wednesday.

“I just discovered that I have COVID. I’ve been suffering with an itchy throat for the last couple of days, but I’m generally good. I am grateful for being boosted, and for the fact that my wife, Michelle, has tested negative,” former President Obama expressed in a tweet.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, stated she is once again positive for COVID-19.

For this reason, Psaki will not join Biden in Europe for urgent talks with international leaders in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This all occurs at a time when the Biden administration is attempting to ease the U.S. into its pre-pandemic habits, even as the number of cases in Europe increased.

This is reportedly due to various new strains of their virus making their rounds around the world. It appears being vaccinated and boosted doesn’t protect people as much as they think.