Horrifying Torture in Putin’s Claws Exposed by Freed British POW Fighting for Ukraine

(Social media photo shows Aslin (right) and other British POWs released by Russia on the plane from Saudi Arabia.)

The Ukrainians and foreign volunteer fighters who happen to fall in Russian captivity during bloodthirsty tyrant Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine are treated “worse than dogs.”

This was revealed by a free British fighter after him spending five months in Russia’s claws where he got beaten, stabbed, and even forced to listen to communist songs.

Set Free in Remarkably High-Profile Prisoner Exchange

The POW swap between Ukraine and Russia also saw 205 Ukrainians exchanged for 55 Russian soldiers and a Ukrainian crony linked to Putin.

The 55 Russians were exchanged for five commanders from the Ukrainian forces who defended the besieged city of Mariupol for three months before surrendering to the invaders.

The remaining 200 Ukrainian troops were set free by the Russians in exchange for Viktor Medvedchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch whose daughter has Putin himself as godfather.

The war so far has seen mind-blowing losses for the Russians. Besides that, Ukrainians have destroyed more than 14,000 units of Russia military hardware.

This situation has forced Putin to announce mass mobilization, which seems poised to draft between 300,000 and 1.2 million Russian men.


(Social media photo shows Aslin fighting for Ukraine against the Russians.)

Forced to Listen to Loud Communist Anthems and ABBA

One of the five British POWs who have just been freed from Russian captivity is 28-year-old Aiden Aslin. He had a regular contract with the Ukrainian military and fought in the defense of Mariupol before his unit ran out of food and ammunition and had to surrender.

In his first interview after the release, Aslin exposed the horrifying torture he was subjected to by the Russians during the five months he spent in Putin’s captivity, The Daily Mail reported.

“I am your death,” one Russian officer told the Brit, who recalled he immediately started receiving punches in the face when revealing to his captors that he is from the UK.

Aslin said he got treated “worse than a dog” by the Russians. He told an episode in which his torturer stabbed his back with a knife for no reason whatsoever.

The same Russian brute asked him whether he wanted to die quickly or “beautifully.” When the POW chose the former, the Russian said he would make sure his death would be the latter.

Aslin who is from Newark-on-Trent, and a former care worker, recalled how the sadistic torturer smiled after stabbing him.

The freed POW, before he surrendered to Putin’s hordes during the defense of Mariupol, called his mother in the UK and his Ukrainian girlfriend, and told them he would see them again.

Apart from all the beatings and other torture, Aslin revealed the Russian captors forced him and the other Brits to listen to Communist Soviet songs, as well as ABBA songs, at very high volumes.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.