Hunter Biden Suffers Blow in Illegitimate Child Case

Hunter Biden has been dealt a tremendous legal blow. A judge ordered him to appear in court and in person for a paternity case against him by a former Arkansas stripper with whom he has a young daughter.

Mother Wants Hunter’s Money, Name

Largely thanks to the leaked materials from his “laptop from hell,” Hunter Biden has become known not only for his promiscuity, but also for being scandalous “across the board.”

That is, from his personal lifestyle (involving drug, booze, and sex addictions) all the way to the top of world politics where he seems to have been heavily involved in harvesting money for his family from America’s top global enemies.

The laptop materials have revealed, in the personal department, Hunter Biden’s life is one big insane drunken orgy. The paternity lawsuit against him by a former Arkansas stripper, Lunden Roberts, is just further evidence of that.

Roberts is suing the alleged first son, the father of her child, whom “Hunt” hasn’t acknowledged as his, to prove the paternity and receive child support. The former stripper is also looking for her daughter to get the Biden family name.

Case Will Be Sped Up

In any case, earlier this week, Judge Holly Meyer of the Independence County Circuit Court, informed lawyers of both Lunden Roberts and Hunter Biden that both of their clients now had to attend every court hearing in the case.

The judge stated over a Zoom call on Monday that the case was moving too slowly and she would no longer “excuse clients.” Thus, 53-year-old Hunter will have to show up in the Arkansas courtroom for the next hearing at 9 am on May 1.

The judge’s order came after Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Brent Langdon, said a laptop connected with his client, which may contain income tax records, remained in a repair shop.

Langdon sought to block Garret Ziegler, a former President Trump adviser, who was enlisted by Roberts as an expert witness regarding the laptop’s contents.

Last year, Ziegler published a 644-page analysis of the materials from the laptop. The judge refused to issue a restraining order against Ziegler.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.