Hunter Biden’s Business Pal Gets Prison Time

One of Hunter Biden’s former business partners was sentenced on Monday to a year in prison.

This is due to his participation in a conspiracy to swindle a Native American community of almost $60 million in bond payments.

Manhattan Judge Ronnie Abrams sentenced the offender, Devon Archer, to one year, one day in federal prison, stating the offense was “too heinous” to let him go free without a fight.

There is no doubt about the harm done to real people, according to Abrams. He pointed out the Oglala Sioux tribe, which was cheated, is one of the most impoverished in the country.

Archer Has to Pay, Big Time

As part of the settlement, Archer will be required to pay upwards of $15 million in forfeiture on his own behalf, as well as more than $43 million in restitution on behalf of his co-defendants.

Attorney Matthew Schwartz stated in court on Monday the con artist always claimed his innocence and plans to fight both his conviction and his punishment.

They made brief comments to Abrams right before Archer was convicted, alleging he was taken full advantage of by crooked businessmen who sought to use him as a pawn in their plot.

In Schwartz’s words, “He fell under the sway of someone he trusted too much and didn’t ask enough questions.”

With his voice shaking at times, Archer said the fact he’d been convicted and would be sentenced to prison on Monday was “nothing less than strange.”

When asked about his involvement in the deception, Archer said he was “doing many things at once” and “not paying enough attention.”

He expressed tremendous sorrow for the victims of the crime, as well as regret for the suffering he brought his friends and family, expressing remorse for the pain he had given them.

Archer Gives an Apology

“I’m very sorry for what I’ve done to my relatives and what I’ve caused them to go through,” he added. Aboard Burisma Holdings, a Ukraine-based power company, Archer served alongside Hunter Biden, prior to his detention, according to authorities.

The brief, which was submitted earlier this month, argues Archer contributed “substantial value” to Burisma during his stint on the board. Likewise, the brief informs he left the company after his conviction in the case was made public last year.

Biden had no knowledge of or involvement with the fraud scheme for which Archer was convicted on Monday.

During a trial in 2018, Archer was found guilty of conspiracy to conduct securities fraud, as well as securities fraud, by a jury of peers.

If Archer gave any information on Hunter Biden after his arrest in order to seek a lighter sentence then there’s a good chance there might be an ongoing investigation on Hunter as your read this.