If We Don’t Close Schools For The Flu, Why For COVID? | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 520


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the media, Democrats, and teachers unions are pushing for schools to remain closed due to COVID. But the actual facts about the virus make it clear that schools can and should be re-opened. Also Five Headlines including Bill De Blasio fretting over his BLM mural while babies are shot dead in the street. And today for our Daily Cancellation, long overdue, I will be canceling mommy bloggers.

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00:00 – Opening
00:46 – If We Don’t Close Schools For The Flu, Why For COVID?
21:09 – Bill de Blasio mourns defaced graffiti
22:19 – Racist note incident turns out to be a hoax
25:19 – Ilhan Omar tweets about income inequality, doesn’t advocate for her $174,000 salary to be cut
27:06 – Calls for the Texas Rangers to be renamed
29:44 – Photos of Johnny Depp passed out, covered in ice cream shown in court
32:37 – Mommy bloggers are cancelled

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