Illegal Immigrant Pretending to be a Minor Lands Murder Charge

Reports have just broken out in Florida that yet another illegal immigrant, 24 who disguised himself as a minor stabbed a man to death.

The illegal immigrant, whose name is Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, was arrested in October for the murder of Fransicso Javoer Cuellar. Police arrested Ulloa after they followed a trail of blood that came from the murder scene which reached Ulloa’s home.

Police arrested Ulloa, but sent him to a juvenile detention center, due to the fact they believed he was a minor.

Ulloa previously crossed the border, pretending to be an unaccompanied minor. After staying in the juvenile detention home for weeks, officials realized Ulloa was not a minor, but indeed a 24 years old.

More Details Concerning the Crime

Ulloa previously fooled Border Patrol agents into thinking he was a minor. When he entered the United States, it was through the southern border.

He told agents he was a minor by the name of Reynel Alexander Hernandez. After the border agent heard Ulloa was a minor, he was sent to a shelter where he was later granted asylum.

As of right now, it’s unclear how he made the trip to Florida from Texas. However, it’s believed he was given a flight from the Biden administration after they started to resettle underage minors last month in red states across the country.

Biden is Secretly Flying Minors All Across the Country

According to the New York Post, the Biden administration has been flying underage children to states like New York and Texas. The Post exclusively reported close to 2,000 minors were dropped off at the Westchester County airport located in New York.

Most of the flights occurred in the early hours of the morning, which leads many to believe the White House wants their actions hidden.

Most of the minors who arrived in New York were sent to live at residential facilities or with relatives.

Afghan Evacuee Arrested for Rape in Montana

Biden isn’t just sending illegal immigrants from the southern border to red states like Florida and New York where Democrats are starting to lose their grip. A recent report from Montana’s governor reveals Afghan evacuees are being sent to Montana by the Department of State.

Governor Greg Gianforte recently announced another Afghan evacuee who is 24 was arrested for rape in the state of Montana, after being sent to the state by the Biden administration.

Zabihullah Muhmand was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman in his motel room in Montana. After the incident, the governor of Montana told the Department of State to send no more unvetted Afghan evacuees into Montana.

Why is the Department of State sending evacuees in states like Montana? Well, they are trying to turn red states blue.