In The North Carolina Senate Race, Democrats Are Stepping Up Their Support For Beasley

Democratic politicians are stepping up their efforts to support Cheri Beasley.

She is running against Ted Budd, a Republican representative from North Carolina, for the state’s open Senate seat. Budd is supported by the state’s Republican Party. 

Additional Funding

Senate Majority PAC, a super PAC with solid relations to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), committed a supplemental $4 million this week for TV commercials in the state.

This is on top of completely separate funds infused into the race in recent days, for a total of approximately $15 million this campaign season to pick up the seat. Recent polls show the candidates are neck-and-neck with each other. 

A splurge of money from outside groups is being spent on Beasley’s behalf at the same time that Senators Jon Ossoff and Cory Booker are holding “get out to vote” rallies over the weekend. 

Recent polls indicate the race is quite tight. According to the results of a poll conducted by SurveyUSA and WRAL, 43% of respondents support Budd, 42% support Beasley, and 13% are uncertain. 

While Budd accused Beasley of being too lenient on criminals, Beasley tried to depict Budd as a radical and link him to former President Trump. On the other hand, Budd has battered Beasley on additional policies too. 

Red Wave Incoming!

The increase in investment comes as Republican organizations, including the Senate Leadership Fund and the Republican National Senatorial Committee, spent a combined total of around $26.38 million in the state.

This was spent to show their support for Senator Budd.

The Republican was initially elected in 2016 and is a supporter of Trump, as well as a previous owner of a gun store. The Republican Party is putting in an effort to win back the majority in the Senate. 

In spite of Donald Trump’s narrow victory there in 2020, the swing state is expected to play a significant factor in determining which party will have the majority in the next legislature. 

On Sunday, erstwhile House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted that conservatives would see a “red wave” in the upcoming elections that will take place this fall. He claimed the Republican Party’s chances of winning back a congressional majority have significantly improved in recent weeks. 

During the previous election cycle, Democratic nominee Cal Cunningham was hampered by a sex scandal in the home stretch of the campaign, which resulted in GOP Senator Thom Tillis gaining a tight victory over him by a margin of only two percentage points.

To conclude, this will be a heavily contested battle between both parties. Will the Trump-backed Republican candidate triumph or will it be the heavily funded Democrat? We have to wait and see as the stakes are high in the race to clinch the North Carolina Senate seat.