An Inside Look in Hunter Biden’s Secret Service’s Property

Exclusive images reveal that Hunter Biden’s Secret Service team is residing in a $6 million Malibu property.

Officials from the Secret Service are shelling out a staggering $30,000 per month rent at a luxurious Malibu property so they can keep an eye on Hunter Biden around the clock, according to exclusive DailyMail images.

Approximately $6 million is being spent on the rental of the Spanish-style sea view palace with six bedrooms and amenities such as a pool, a wine bar, a gym, a hot tub, a built-in barbeque grill, and a ‘tower that resembles a castle.’

The villa is being rented by Hunter Biden’s Secret Service agents and has six bedrooms and an additional tasting room.

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Hunter’s $20,000-per-month rental home, where he currently resides with Melissa and their infant son, is directly across the street from the property.

It is described as having ‘picturesque gardens and a sunken living room arching around a massive fireplace.

It was originally constructed in 1958 for actress Linda Lavin, who was best known for her role in the 1970s sitcom Alice.

‘With numerous spectacular performances, Linda Lavin transformed this property into a wonderful reflection of her abilities,’ the gushing realtor gushed.

Secret Service agents were sighted on Sunday patrolling the neighborhood in blacked-out cars with federal license plates, stationed outside the two residences and parked in Hunter’s driveway.

The agents were dressed in black and driving about with government-issued license plates.

The opulent pad includes fire pits beside the pool and a jacuzzi, allowing officers to unwind in luxury during their leisure from safeguarding the 52-year-old first son.

Photos of the house, which according to Zillow has an estimated worth of $6,057,000, show a marble kitchen with a timber ceiling and a foosball table in the living room, among other features.

The six-bedroom estate and Hunter’s nearby rental are located on a private road high above the Malibu coast in Southern California, with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Electrician Arya Behzad and construction engineer Maryam Eshghipour are the proprietors of the Secret Service rental home. They also own a home in the Bay Area that is designed after a Norman castle.

The Sad Reality

While Hunter Biden and Secret Service agents are living it up on American taxpayers’ funds, the average family of four is struggling to pay their rent each month.

Biden’s inflation crisis is turning food, gas, and other living expenses up to an all-time high. The Bidens, however, are living it up from the average Joe’s wallet.

It’s easy to spend a lucrative amount of money when the money isn’t coming from your own pocket. That’s why Democrats don’t ever second guess signing big pieces of legislation that tax the middle class.