Is Biden Finally Going to Fold Under the Pressure?

After a series of interviews where Biden assured his “massive” following that he will indeed be running for office once again in 2024, Biden decided to throw his biggest curveball yet and walk back those claims.

At the end of his speech during the Tribal Nations Summit at the White House, one member from the audience shouted “four more years” at the president. The senile old man running this country replied with “I don’t know about that one” and walked away.

Joe can’t seem to get his ducks in a row for 2024

In typical Biden fashion, nothing is ever what he says it will be; although his making the right decision for once may be a first. With him out of the picture for 2024, the Democrats will at least put forward a competent candidate.

Biden, who turned 80 this month, is the oldest president to have ever held office in the US. On the off chance that he does actually run and somehow win in 2024, he’d be 86 by the end of his second term, breaking every record in the book.

His latest comment is made even stranger by the fact Biden spent the last couple of weeks hinting at a reelection run, only to completely deny it later, leaving his die-hard supporters dead in the water.

His support did see a minor increase after the strong performance by Democrats in the midterm elections; although their losing the House was a sign that this ripple won’t be enough for him to maintain that tempo.

Democrats considering their options

Despite his aforementioned strong resolve to run in 2024, the majority of his party members are hesitant to fully endorse a reelection bid, on account of his age, as well as his dwindling support among minority groups.

Critics have pointed to Biden’s cognitive decline time and time again. Even after his medical checkup, he refused to take a cognitive ability test, unlike former President Donald Trump, who decided to appease the angry mob.

Alternative candidacies were a common topic among Democrats ever since Joe initially announced he’ll be running for president in 2024, but that talk has died down somewhat after the midterms.

Unfortunately, getting a coherent response out of Biden is a herculean task. It feels that much more impossible with every passing day, as every word he utters seems as if it’s packed with hidden meaning, or lack thereof, depending on how you look at it.

When asked about his potential 2024 run while shopping with his family in Nantucket, Joe said he’s not having any talks on the topic and he’s trying to focus on celebrating instead.

That’s one hell of a talk to have at Thanksgiving dinner, especially if your own family is aware of how incompetent you can be at times, but leave it to Biden to be tactless and insensitive; it’s what he does best.