ISIS K Leader Killed By US Airstrike

The US Military declared that they launched a drone airstrike in the eastern half of Afghanistan which has successfully killed the planner of the terrorist attacks in Kabul.

Captain Bill Urban of Centcom stated that the airstrike took place in the Nangarhar province. As of right now, all evidence points to it taking out the mastermind behind the ISIS K attacks at the Kabul airport.

ISIS K Leader Killed By US Airstrike

According to BBC, an MQ-9 reaper drone was launched, striking the planner from the Kabul bombing and another ISIS member while they were in their truck. The airstrike comes just a day after Biden declared that the US military will do everything in its power to hunt down the terrorists behind the blasts that killed hundreds of Afghans and 13 U.S. military members.

Many Notable Journalists and Americans Believe the Airstrike is Propaganda

Many journalists and Twitter users are not buying the claim that the U.S. military killed the leader of ISIS K. Several of them are pointing out the fact that if the Pentagon had intelligence on ISIS K, then why didn’t they prevent the attack from occurring?

Others were stating the simple fact that the airstrike is being used as propaganda to show that Biden is a man of his word; this comes since in Biden’s last press conference, he stated that he was going to hunt ISIS K down.

Michael Malice, who is the author of Dear Reader, took to Twitter and stated that ISIS K is just a prop by the CIA. If you’re glued to the mainstream news, then you would have a hard time believing that the CIA is to blame for ISIS K.

Well VOA reported a story in 2019 that shockingly revealed that Afghan’s former President Hamid Karzai said he sees Daesh(ISIS K) as a tool used by the CIA. The former president of Afghanistan also went on record saying he can’t tell the difference between ISIS K and the CIA because they are synonymous.

The CIA Detonated Their Base in Kabul

The CIA’s main base in Afghanistan has been detonated in order to keep confidential information out of the Taliban’s hands. The detonation scared many people in the area, due to the fact the detonation took place close to 24 hours after the terrorist attack occurred at the airport.

The CIA destroying its base in Kabul is one of the final signs that the U.S. is officially withdrawing its presence in the country of Afghanistan. In 2001, the CIA were the first troops on the ground; now CIA agents will be the last to leave.

What they have done in the 20 year period has been mainly covered up, but almost like all other covert operations that involve the CIA, we’ll find out when it’s not relevant anymore.