It’s Always Sunny On Capitol Hill | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 588


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Swalwell blows hot air, Bill Barr burns down Congress, and Big Tech is swinging the election for Biden.

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00:00 – Swalwell and Barr
01:09 – Viewer Comment/Question
02:00 – More of Swalwell and Barr
08:08 – Reclaiming Time
11:55 – The Instagram Challenge
17:18 – Barr on Burning Down Federal Court
19:45 – 100 Police Agencies Pull Out of DNC
25:18 – Libs Arrested For Driving Through Crowd
29:06 – Facebook and Twitter on Doctors Video
33:16 – Google on Elections
35:50 – Google Going After Breitbart
36:47 – Barr: Common Sense
38:52 – Jarrett Four Years Ago
41:18 – Teachers Are Hysterical
43:51 – No School, yes Daycare

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