It’s Beginning: Australia Deploys Army to Enforce COVID Lockdown Orders

The Australian Government has announced they will deploy their Army in the city of Sydney in order to enforce a COVID lockdown. Australian Defense Force will be patrolling areas of Sydney where they’re currently experiencing outbreaks of the Delta variant.

Many citizens of Australia believe the move by the government is completely unnecessary because since the beginning of 2021, there have only been nine deaths caused by COVID-19. According to BBC, the lockdowns will begin August 2nd-28th and eliminate all travel for residents of some parts of Sydney, unless they need to get food or get medical treatment.

Australia Isn’t the Only Country Flexing Authoritarian Muscles

Italy has just made their COVID Green Pass Pass mandatory for all citizens and foreign visitors who wish to have access to the movies, restaurants, parties, concerts, gyms and other places. The Green Pass is given to anyone that has gotten a COVID-19 vaccination or tested negative for COVID-19.

Citizens and visitors are given the green pass through email in the form of a QR Code which then can be scanned to display a persons vaccination history. Not everybody is a fan of the Green Pass.

Many have protested against the pass and believe the government is using COVID to strip them of their freedoms. Demonstrations occurred in all parts of Italy, but the government of Italy will not back down and still pushes the Green Pass on its citizens.

Italy wasn’t the first country to issue a Health Pass, but France did it weeks before which also led to mass protests across the city. President Emmanuel Macron declared that if citizens want to live a normal life and go out and about, they must have a Health Pass too. Macron also declared that all of its medical workers must be vaccinated or they would lose their jobs.

It doesn’t end there, though; the president of the Philippines emphatically declared that if unvaccinated citizens are found outside of their house, then police will gather them up and put them back in their houses.

He also stated that he doesn’t care if unvaccinated people die. It appears that the COVID-19 pandemic shows that leaders around the world our more power-hungry than what we previously thought.

Will Lockdowns Come Back to The States?

The Biden administration appears to be very much open to lockdowns, even though Biden previously declared that we wouldn’t go back to lockdowns. During a recent press briefing, Fox News reporter Peter Docey asked if we would go back to lockdown if the CDC suggested we do so.

The Principal Deputy Press Secretary replied we will continue to listen to the CDC in order to save lives. Previously, the CDC declared vaccinated citizens wouldn’t have to wear masks, but now they have gone back on their word and vaccinated citizens are now recommended to wear masks.

So if the CDC continues their current trend of going back on their word, it appears we will have lockdowns again in no time. Hopefully this time, our governors stand up against them, instead of folding under pressure.