It’s Time To Stop Applauding | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 501


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, I want to talk about a story from Stalin’s Soviet Russia that seems harrowingly relevant today. Also Five Headlines including the rampaging mob tearing down a statue of Christopher Columbus and HBO banning “Gone With The Wind” because it isn’t racially enlightened enough. We have officially entered the book burning phase of our societal collapse. And today in our Daily Cancellation, sadly, my wife must be canceled again, for the fifth time. You will be truly horrified and outraged when you hear what she did.

00:00 – Opening
00:43 – It’s Time to Stop Applauding
17:28 – Statue of Christopher Columbus torn down by mob
26:44 – Gone With the Wind pulled from HBO Max
27:32 – PSA from Susan Meister on cultural appropriation
28:30 – Al Sharpton eulogizes George Floyd by talking about Colin Kaepernick
31:58 – LA Galaxy fires player over wife’s comments
35:35 – Mrs. Walsh is cancelled for apiarist shaming and emoji use

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