January 6th Committee Subpoenas Eric Trump’s Phone Records

The January 6th committee has officially obtained phone records of Eric Trump (Donald Trump’s middle son) and Kimberly Guilfoyle (Trump’s former advisor and Don. Jr’s fiancee).

Several sources have revealed the communication records of both Eric Trump and Guilfoyle were taken from their phone companies.

This is the first time anyone in the Trump family has ever faced any subpoenas regarding the January 6 riot. Eric Trump and Guilfoyle both spoke at Trump’s rally and reportedly helped organize the event too.

The January 6 committee also issued subpoenas for Trump’s legal team of Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Boris Epshteyn.

Committee Doesn’t Issue Communication Subpoenas for Everyone

The January 6 committee has been very choosy of who they subpoena communication records from; for the most part, it has been people who are closest to Trump.

Names like Steven Bannon, Alex Jones, Gen. Flynn, and more have all been made to hand over their communication records or face the music.

The January 6 committee, around the same time Trump and Guilfoyle’s subpoenas were issued, also announced they were interviewing alleged FBI informant Ray Epps.

However, the committee has not asked Epps for his communications at all. Epps was literally recorded saying, “let’s go inside of the Capitol building” and encouraging people to go inside of the Capitol; yet, he isn’t facing any real investigation.

The fact the committee has not issued Epps a communication subpoena is a red flag which adds more speculation that he is a federal agent.

The January 6 Committee is a Just Another Witch Hunt

Instead of finding out who placed the pipe bombs in front of the DNC headquarters or discovering if FBI agents were in the crowd the day the riot occurred, the January 6 panel is using their power to force Trump advisors and supporters to give up their privacy or face jail time.

Since January 6th, the FBI and the January 6 panel have not been able to track down a suspect who placed bombs outside the DNC in the most secure city in the United States.

In one part of the video, the man was even seen on his phone. This has many people wondering why the FBI hasn’t issued a geofence warrant, which is a warrant to a judge requesting Google or phone company users’ locations.

The FBI has used geo-fence warrants in lesser-known cases, but when it comes to finding out who placed the bombs outside the DNC, the FBI refused to use some basic investigation techniques. This has many people believing a federal agent placed the bombs there.

The January 6 committee isn’t going anywhere. Democrats and RINOs will milk the January 6 riot all the way to the 2024 election cycle. They will use it in an attempt to demonize Trump.