January 6th Riot Trials Continue and Justice is on the Proud Boys’ Side!

Earlier this week on Monday, a federal judge prevented the questioning of witnesses related to the Proud Boys trials, the reasoning being the contents of a series of internal FBI messages that were leaked unintentionally.

Last week, these messages really caused a storm, both in the courtroom and online. Defense attorneys began questioning the witnesses on the origin and intent behind these messages that may or may not have contained classified information.

The Proud Boys organization is once again in the limelight

It’s currently alleged that the prosecution purposely hid these messages. They’re believed to have done this as a means of preventing information damaging to their case from being leaked to the general public.

This clearly didn’t work too well.

Anyone with a head on their shoulders can notice the case filed against the five Proud Boys leaders is nothing short of a deep-seated government conspiracy. It’s much more evident, considering these are some of the most important trials related to the January 6th incident.

However, despite there being dozens of delays up until this point, the court issued yet another halt after thousands of messages to and from FBI special agent Nicole Miller were leaked.

To put things into perspective, Miller was one of the lead investigators for the case on the Proud Boys’ possible involvement in the riots that transpired on January 6th, as well as the breach into the Capitol building that followed.

Naturally, the leak occurred due to poor management on the prosecution’s part. An examination found even more messages in the hidden rows of the excel spreadsheet that the FBI handed over.

Conspiracy of the highest order

The messages in question allude to some serious misconduct by the FBI. A conversation between Miller and another agent revealed that Miller somehow breached client-attorney privilege by obtaining info on Rehl’s decision.

In fact, it’s all downhill from there.

Several other messages have agents demanding that their names be omitted from reports about meetings with informants, dozens of personal opinions the agents had on the case, and finally, a discussion regarding orders to destroy 338 pieces of evidence.

In response to the defense’s attempts at cross-examining Miller and several other agents, prosecutors claimed the defense team’s concerns are “without merit” and they would “confuse the jury.”

However, the FBI wouldn’t be the agency it is today if it didn’t have the skills to cover up a scandal this size. It wasn’t long until the Justice Department stated the “destroyed evidence” discussion was related to a 20-year-old trial.

Of course, there’s no real way to know exactly how true it is. We’ll practically have to trust the FBI not to be involved in any foul play, which is highly unlikely, considering they’ve been doing Biden’s bidding for a while now.

One of the defense attorneys tried to raise an alarm regarding the thousands of messages the Justice Department removed from the leaks, but to no avail.