Japanese Official Warns U.S. of Pearl Harbor-Style Attack From Russia, China

A Japanese defense minister recently made a bold prediction; this prediction involved claiming that Russia and China’s increased military exercises in the Pacific Ocean leads him to believe that they will be planning a Pearl Harbor-style attack in the near future.

According to American Military News Japanese Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama went on record, saying 70 years ago Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, but now the U.S. and Japan are close allies.

He continued and expressed that Russia’s Navy is doing combined exercises with China right in front of Honolulu; therefore, we must keep a close eye on them so that what happened 70 years ago will never occur again.

What Exercises Was The Japanese Official Talking About?

In the last couple of days, there have been reports of Russian ships being within 35 nautical miles of Hawaii. They’re not just out there floating on the Pacific either, but rather they are practicing sinking aircraft carriers.

So while the Department of Defense is arguing whether or not we should teach critical race theory, Russia is within 35 nautical miles sinking ships!

Nakayama also gave a stern warning of China and Russia’s constant collaboration with each other and even believes the two nation’s are sharing nuclear secrets with one another. Nakayama also noted how much more powerful nuclear weapons are nowadays and declared if a nuclear warhead was to hit Honolulu, then science says it would cease to exist.

China Is Ramping Up Military Excercises Near Taiwan Too

After three US senators took a visit to Taiwan to deliver COVID-19 vaccines, China immediately flexed its muscles by conducting naval exercises right off the coast of Taiwan.

A speaker on behalf of the CCP’s defense force also declared that the senators’ visits were a political show; the CCP speaker then continued by making a threat that declared if any nation attempted to split Taiwan from China, then they would be attacked the moment they tried.

The Pacific Isn’t The Only Place We Should Be Vigilant

Recent satellite images have shown that Russia is also building a huge military presence in the Arctic. The images reveal that Russia has built landing strips for fighter jets and military bases all across the Artic.

Russia also has an underground storage unit where they keep the Poseidon Torpedo. The Poseidon Torpedo is nothing to overlook either, considering the torpedo could cause a nuclear tsunami that could reach the state of New York.

In Biden’s recent summit with Putin, the two talked about the future of the Arctic and even stated that the Arctic will be a place of cooperation rather than conflict.

Putin also declared there would be no conflict in the Arctic either. However, the U.S. shouldn’t take Putin’s word as the gospel either; this is true since at the summit, he also denied Russia was militarizing the Artic, yet satellite images depict the exact opposite.