Jen Psaki Completely Exposed Biden by Accident

In response to her observation that President Biden served as vice president the last time Putin decided to attack Ukraine, Jen Psaki, who serves as the White House press secretary, was criticized on social media.

“When Russia invaded Ukraine the last time, I was at the State Department, and the president was indeed the vice president,” Psaki said on CNN on Wednesday.

It appears that President Putin and his minions have a pattern of terror in their hearts.

Air combat in Ukraine is expected to “fundamentally” change during the next 72 hours, according to a former fighter pilot.

As a result, Biden and NATO need to make a decision on what to do quickly.

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Several Twitter users instantly asserted Psaki had made an unintentional connection between Putin’s hostility and President Biden’s presence in the White House.

In 2014, Russia invaded and occupied the Ukrainian region of Crimea, during Biden’s tenure as vice president of the United States.

Deputy Editor of the Daily Telegraph, James Morrow, tweeted, “The first step is acknowledging you have a problem.”

The blogger Jim Treacher wrote on Twitter, “‘This guy only tends to invade countries when my boss is in office.'”

“It’s a trend of vulnerability from Democrats that our adversaries are well aware will not deter them,” comedian Tim Young wrote in a tweet.

Former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter to say, “Finally, the truth.”

According to political journalist Monica Crowley, “Yes, Sherlock, there seems to be a pattern.”

“I understand that news of what is happening can be frightening to every American, but I want everyone to know everything will be well. We’re going to be fine,” President Joe Biden remarked during his first formal State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

According to historians, Putin’s conflict in Ukraine will still have left Russia poorer and the rest of the world greater when the narrative of this era is told.

Biden continued, “Six days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin attempted to rock the fundamental underpinnings of the free world, believing he could force it to bend to his frightening ways, but Putin made a grave error in his calculations.”

“He believed if he rolled into Ukraine, the rest of the world would follow. Instead, he encountered a wall of power that he had neither anticipated nor imagined; he came face to face with Ukrainians.”

When Trump was president, no ally of the United States was seized by Putin because he respected Trump.

The only pattern that followed Trump was a pattern of peace deals all around the world; the pattern under Biden is invasions and death. Elections really do matter and Americans are finally coming to the realization why.