Jill Biden Gives Thanks When Told Joe Worst President in American History

(Social media footage snapshot)

First lady Jill Biden acted weirdly when a group of protesters hurled criticism against her husband. She either pretended not to hear them or just agreed with their conclusion he is the “worst” president in the history of United States.

Jill is Going the Sleepy Joe Way

Jill Biden has also been serving as the de facto caretaker-in-chief of her increasingly senile husband.

She’s been caught a number of times on hot mic, giving Sleepy Joe one-worded commands to follow, such as “Sit!”, “Go!”, “Wave!”, and so on.

Joe Biden’s inadequacy and overt inability to perform his duties also left Jill to fill in for him on important foreign trips to Ukraine or Latin America.

However, Jill has started to make cringe-worthy, Sleepy Joe gaffes herself.

One of her top ones, so far, has been calling Hispanic Americans “tacos”, a blunder that’s bound to cost Democrats who are struggling to retain the Latino vote for the upcoming midterms.

One of Jill Biden’s latest public appearances and her seemingly inadequate reaction is certainly not looking good.

(Social media footage snapshot)

‘Thank You For the Love and Support’

The incident occurred on Wednesday when the first lady was visiting New Haven, Connecticut, in order to review educational programs.

She was accompanied by Biden’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, who is a well-known far-left wokester.

Jill Biden and the Education Secretary were walking into a building when they were heckled by anti-Biden protesters cordoned off outside; the highly bizarre exchange was captured on video footage.

As Jill was walking toward the building, an unidentified man shouted that her husband is “the worst president” the people of the United States ever had.

The first lady’s odd reaction was to yell back, “Thank you!”, and then to add more thank-yous “for your support.”

The same man, however, didn’t stop there heckling her, and he yelled that “you” – probably meaning the Bidens or the Biden administration – “owe us gas money.”

This was a clear reference to the outrageously high gas prices and other consumer price inflation that Americans have been subjected to for months, due to the inadequacies and failures of Biden and his Cabinet.

Even when told about the gas money, Jill yelled another “Thank you!” with a wide grin on her face before she ducked into the building.

During that entire time, she was walking beside Cardona whose behavior may as well be described as the definition of  “grinning like a chimp.”

It remains unclear why Jill even felt an urge to respond to the protesters in such a bizarre manner, as she could have just walked past them.

Although towards the end of the short video, she can be seen smirking, so maybe she was ridiculing the protesters after all.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.