Jill Biden Walks Back “Tacos” Comments Amid White House PR Nightmare

Days ago, first lady Jill Biden caused a major firestorm when she claimed the uniqueness of Hispanic Americans was in keeping with that of breakfast tacos.

The first lady clearly believed she was giving Hispanics and Latinos a compliment. Yet, the entire thing simply came off as condescending and out-of-touch.

Biden has since been panned by both Hispanic organizations and Americans of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Ironically, this episode happens as Biden’s husband is losing support from Hispanic Americans, with more joining the GOP.

In the wake of this absolute public relations nightmare, the first lady has issued an apology through one of her aides, according to Fox News.

The Official Apology

Michael LaRosa, the press secretary of the first lady, was the one to release the apology. In a nutshell, LaRosa noted via Twitter that Biden is sorry her breakfast tacos comment wasn’t widely interpreted as “love” and “admiration” for the Hispanic community.

The short apology followed after the first lady was repeatedly criticized for stereotyping Hispanics by referring to them as tacos.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists, along with others, called for Biden to do a deep dive into what the heritage and culture of Latino people are really all about.

Reactions to the tweet from the first lady’s press secretary were not very understanding. Many Twitter users responded with various memes that slammed the whole “tacos” fiasco.

Others questioned why Biden failed to issue a direct apology of her own, rather than have one of her staff tweet out the message.

Another Pressing Question

The speech in which Jill Biden referred to the Hispanic community as breakfast tacos wasn’t random or off the cuff. These were planned remarks that went through multiple offices in the White House.

Yet, somehow, not a single person working for the Biden administration decided that stereotyping Hispanics as breakfast tacos would be a bad idea.

This, again, led to some serious questions about what exactly is happening in the White House these days. Critics have largely branded the fact that someone didn’t remove the “tacos” comment from the first lady’s speech ahead of time as a sign of bad judgment.

The first lady’s latest PR crisis comes as her husband struggles with speeches of his own. Biden recently engendered mass criticism and ridicule after directly reading personal instructions of “repeat the line” and “end of quote” from a teleprompter.

The Biden administration can count on Americans not forgetting about the “breakfast tacos” remark from the first lady anytime soon.

What do you think about the apology released by the first lady’s press secretary in regards to her referring to the Hispanic community as breakfast tacos? In the comments area, we’d love to get your read on this.