John Fetterman is Apparently Down With Overturning the 2nd Amendment

John Fetterman’s special assistant, Luke Borwegan, came forth with quite the controversial statement, claiming his boss is more than willing to overthrow the 2nd Amendment.

However, the irony lies in the fact that Fetterman himself owns a gun. Yet, he’d be fine if “no one owned a gun”, that is, no one but him, seeing as we’d have no proof he’s not in possession of a firearm at any given time.

Fetterman aims higher than ever before

Borwegan also decided to criticize the news channels that interviewed him, calling the “handpicked” reporters puppets and saying journalists like Kara Swisher will say just about anything, so long as they’re paid enough for their work.

Borwegan didn’t spare anyone.

Apart from naming Kara Swisher, he went after a number of different journalists, including Pod Save America and Joe Scarborough, who he believes “sucks.”

It’s quite the comment from a grown man, especially one who’s assisting Fetterman, the hack who wants us all to believe the 2nd Amendment, which secures Americans’ freedom to own a firearm, is outdated.

In fact, according to Borwegan, anyone who’s reporting on the story and giving the actual truth is a bad reporter or they’re mean, depending on how sensitive he and his boss are feeling at the time.

Gun ownership probably won’t be taking a hit

Of course, the 2nd Amendment is here to stay. No amount of Fetterman’s influence is going to change that, whether he likes it or not.

On top of this, the 2nd has never been as important as it is right now. Violent crime has taken over dozens of American cities; places like NYC or Chicago have practically become uninhabitable for the average, law-abiding American.

The left has had the 2nd in their sights for a while. It was only a matter of time before they attempted to strike it down, albeit with little to no effect, as we’ll probably witness with Fetterman’s attempt.