Jordan Peterson Quits Twitter After Criticism Following His “Fatphobic“ Statement

"Jordan Peterson" by Gage Skidmore

Avid, anti-woke speaker and Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson has quietly removed himself from Twitter’s toxicity. This is following a storm of criticism he received for a comment labeling a plus-sized model – not beautiful.

The model in question, whose photo was on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, became the centerpiece of a massive Twitter debate.

Peterson reposted a photograph from her shoot, following it up with “sorry, not beautiful.”

“Jordan Peterson” by Gage Skidmore

Facts don’t care about your feelings

The psychologist, who is known for getting himself into heaps of trouble with the irrational left-leaning crowd, came under fire immediately.

Twitter users took aim at his own appearance, calling him a creep, someone’s posterior, and a downright freak, showing exactly how childish the radical left is to resort to namecalling.

One of the people who replied to Peterson’s tweet called him a “child’s skeleton covered with mayonnaise.”

This could easily steal a first-place win in every absurd insult competition; it is practically what the social network has boiled down to at this point – a childish insults generator.

Initially, Peterson retaliated, although much more humanely and politely.

He was quick to realize that rationalizing with this crowd was no easy business, ultimately announcing he’ll be departing Twitter in another one of his follow-up tweets.

He added only Twitter is capable of producing such an “endless flood” of insults aimed at someone who did nothing more than taking a poke at the left’s skewed vision of beauty.

Lock the account up and throw away the key

Peterson explains he’d told his staff to change his password without him knowing, in an attempt to make him resist the temptation to respond to the torch and pitchfork mob headed his profile’s way.

He assured if he’s got anything more to say, they can expect to see it in a video.

However, it appears the whole departure annunciation had just been a ruse to get the dust to settle down somewhat.

Peterson has been seen tweeting regularly; although this time, he’s keeping his opinions to himself, at least in the hellscape that Twitter’s become in recent years.

This wasn’t Peterson’s first time throwing in the towel when it came to Twitter.

Only last month, he decided to abandon all social media for three weeks, later on claiming it to have been a life-changing experience, and that he feels genuine relief.

Unfortunately, three weeks away from Twitter is an eternity too short.

He’s been bombarded with negativity from the moment he stepped back on the platform, prompting him to take his opinions elsewhere.

Naturally, being a known critic of left media, he’s been the target of radicalized liberals, who often call him “the icon of white supremacy” over his somewhat controversial series, which has been airing in recent years.