Two Americans Arrested for Assassination of Haiti’s President Were Translators

New details are emerging about the two Americans who were detained for allegedly playing a part in the assassination of Haiti’s late president Jovenel Moise.

The two Americans have been identified as James Solages and Joseph Vincent. James Solages and Joseph Vincent both claim to have only translated for the hit squad and had no part in the direct murder of Jovenel Moise.

A report from The Independent states that both James Solages and Joseph Vincent met with the hit squad in a hotel in the city of Petionville to plan the attack.

The original plan was just to kidnap the president; however, that plan fell through. As a result, the president of Haiti was shot to death. Solages has reportedly been in the country for one month, whereas Vincent has been in Haiti for over six months.

Other Suspects Who Have Been Apprehended

As of right now, besides the two Americans who have been detained, 15 Colombians were arrested and eight other suspects are currently on the run.

The Haitian government reached out to the embassy of Colombia and confirmed that two of the three men who died in a gunfight that ensued after the president was assassinated were retired military officers from the Columbian military.

Taiwan’s Embassy was Broken Into

Eleven of the suspects who were arrested attempted to seek refuge at the Taiwan embassy. The suspects broke into the Taiwan Embassy in Portau-Prince and were eventually arrested there.

Taiwanese Diplomats were working from home at the time and only security guards were present at the embassy.

The security guards alerted the local authorities and asked Taiwanese officials to enter the embassy; at this point, the Taiwanese foreign ministry gave them the green light to go in. The men were arrested without any incident and the embassy only suffered a few broken windows.

What’s Next for Haiti?

Currently Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph is now in charge of the nation of Haiti; he immediately ordered a state of siege by the military and police to take control for two weeks.

Right now, the entire nation of Haiti is shaken up and leaves many citizens questioning how they can sleep safely at night if even the president is gunned down in his sleep.

Even before the assassination of President Moise, Haiti was being overrun by violent gangs that pushed many people out of their homes and businesses.

Some believe that street gangs will now try to take power and go to war against the police state that has taken temporary control of Haiti.

Only time will tell but Haiti definitely needs some prayers immediately.