Judge Dismisses Nine Jurors for Being Unvaccinated

A U.S. District Judge dismissed a total of nine jurors, due to them being unvaccinated. The decision by the judge has many people believing the move is unconstitutional.

This comes considering that dismissing nine jurors due to their vaccination status will cause jurors to no longer be a representative jury, but instead, they would be an inclusive white Democrat jury.

According to Reuters, Judge Edward Davila is the U.S. District Judge who decided to dismiss the jurors. The case he is presiding over is a fraud trial for Theranos (a defunct healthcare corporation) founder Elizabeth Holmes.

It appears Elizabeth Holmes will get a jury that is fully vaccinated and full of people who will support healthcare providers. This support will come despite healthcare providers’ shortcomings, whereas someone who is unvaccinated is likely a bit more skeptical when it comes to healthcare providers.

It appears that unvaccinated citizens are being seen almost as criminals who are also not allowed to be jury members. If this case doesn’t get appealed, then this decision by the judge could set a precedent of unvaccinated citizens no longer being able to participate in certain activities in society.

Right now, it’s just jury duty. Later down the road, the Democrat machine will try to pass laws that will only allow vaccinated citizens to vote.

More Details About The Elizabeth Holmes Case

Elizabeth Holmes was the founder of Theranos; this organization is no longer operating, due to the fact the technology that Holmes touted never came into existence. Holmes, at one point in time, was praised as the next Steve Jobs.

However, years afterward, none of her healthcare inventions seem to be as good as she claimed they were. Therefore, investors started to pull out and eventually the entire company collapsed.

Theranos was supposed to produce a blood test that would be painless and only need a small amount of blood in order to detect diseases. However, the blood test never rolled out. This is what caused the company to go defunct and cost investors billions of dollars.

Holmes is now being charged with fraud for allegedly leading investors into believing Theranos was producing a blood test that would change the world. She is now facing up to 20 years in prison, but with a new jury full of vaccinated people, she could catch a break.

Is This Even Constitutional?

According to the 6th Amendment, criminal defendants are guaranteed an impartial jury that would not exclude a juror based on their race or sex. Many constitutional lawyers believe the judge’s decision to excluded unvaccinated jurors is unconstitutional.

That belief is held because the judge’s decision will exclude a large amount of the general population who are, for the most part, conservatives. Big tech has silenced conservatives who are unvaccinated on social media. Now, U.S. judges are trying to eliminate unvaccinated people from the courtroom too.