Judge in Rittenhouse Case Slams Prosecutor for Being Unconstitutional

The prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial has done a horrendous job so far in attempting to prosecute Rittenhouse for murder. Even the presiding judge is now frustrated with the prosecutor’s antics.

Judge Bruce Schroeder gave prosecutor Thomas Binger a stern warning in the courtroom yesterday.

The incident occurred after Binger attempted to bring up a testimony previously denied by Judge Schroeder to include before the jury since it was not revealed in the case.

As soon as Binger started to introduce the testimony, Judge Schroeder loudly scolded Binger. Shortly thereafter, Binger attempted to explain himself, which led to more trouble.

At one point, Judge Schroeder loudly declared, ‘do not get brazen with me,’ which immediately silenced Binger. It’s rare you see a judge stand up so strongly for individual rights.

Watch the moment it happened here:

As of right now, it appears Rittenhouse will be cleared of murder charges; the ruling will likely be Rittenhouse acted in self-defense when he killed two rioters in Kenosha.

Rittenhouse Takes the Stand

18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand yesterday and the risk of doing so paid off. Fox News reported Binger made a big mistake when he asked Rittenhouse why he remained silent after the shooting took place and tried to criminalize Rittenhouse for using his 5th Amendment rights.

Analysts believe Binger’s incompetence as a prosecutor could lead to a mistrial.

At one point, while describing how he acted in self-defense, Rittenhouse started to shed tears, which triggered liberals on Twitter. Liberals, such as Lebron James, tried to say Rittenhouse was fake crying.

The move by Lebron James was a classless move, considering Lebron James more than likely would have acted in self-defense if he was caught in the same situation.

More About the Judge Overseeing the Case

Judge Schroeder is 75 years old; he also has a reputation for being very stern in the courtroom. He is the longest-serving active-circuit judge in the state of Wisconsin and was appointed as a Kenosha County judge in 1983.

Schroeder isn’t swayed by woke politics, but rather, he abides by the full extent of the law and Constitution. He could care less what the media says about him.

Schroeder is also a patriot! During the trial yesterday, as the jury was sent out of the courtroom, Schroeder’s phone rang and his ringtone was “Proud to be an American”.

Take a listen here:

As soon as this occurred in the courtroom, users on Twitter quickly pointed out President Trump used the same song at his rallies. Liberal news outlets also criticized Schroeder for having the patriotic song as a ringtone.

I’m sure if he had China’s national anthem, leftists would be quite silent on the matter.