Kamala Harris Asks for Criminal Investigation into Biden Border Crisis

It appears Kamala Harris forgot that Joe Biden and herself are the culprits for the complete chaos that’s ensuing on the southern border.

When Harris was asked by reporters what she thought about the current situation regarding the overflow of Haitian immigrants coming through the southern border, she said she supported a thorough investigation into securing the border.

Kamala Harris Asks for Criminal Investigation into Biden Border Crisis

It appears Harris forgot in March, she was tasked with solving the border crisis from Biden himself. So if there’s going to be an investigation at the southern border, then that investigation should start in the White House. Since September 1st, there have been reportedly over 15,000 Haitians seeking refuge in Texas.

Harris Spreads Propaganda in the Same Interview

Harris’ statement concerning an investigation into the chaos ensuing was not because of the large amount of Haitians flowing into the country. It was because she believes horseback Border Patrol officers were striking Haitians with whips.

Harris’ accusations come after a viral photo of a horseback Border Patrol that appears to have a whip, but in reality, it’s not a whip, but long reins. Liberals, along with the White House, literally concocted a fake story about Border Patrol agents whipping migrants without even doing their research first.

The New York Post reported Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz stated no migrants were whipped and agents were using long reins to control their horses, not whip people. Here are the pictures that have the left all riled up:

The Haitians in the pictures have bags of carryout food, which they reportedly brought from the Mexico side of the border. Under the Biden administration, illegal immigrants can order carryout food in Mexico, bring it to the US, and eat it.

President Trump Speaks Out on the Border Crisis

President Trump, as always, didn’t sugarcoat what’s happening at the US-Mexico border. In a press release, Trump declared that America is turning into a third-world nation. Trump also slammed the Biden administration.

This came after Biden sent security details and the National Guard to a rally in DC that had only 200 attendants, rather than sending these officials to the southern border.

Biden, in response to the border crisis, pledged to get the situation under control, but offered no strategy on how he was going to do it. Biden made that statement shortly after the UN held a General Assembly where the botched Afghanistan withdrawal was not even mentioned once.

In August, Border Patrol agents had contact with over 200,000 migrants and that number will continue to grow. It appears the White House is more concerned with vaccinating conservatives than they are over hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated migrants flocking into the country all at once.

The hypocrisy, at this point, is almost fictional.