Kamala Impudently Blames Texas Gov. for Illegal Immigration Crisis

(Video footage snapshot of Harris' Late Night appearance)

Vice President Kamala Harris committed a new public monstrosity by accusing Texas’ GOP Governor Greg Abbott of “dereliction of duty” with respect to millions of illegal immigrants in the United States.

America’s Border Erased After 20 Months of Sleepy Joe and Kamala

More than five million illegal immigrants – “and counting” – have invaded the United States in the 20.5 months in which Biden and his veep have been at the nation’s helm.

Harris appeared on “Late Night” on NBC, using the national television platform to viciously attack Texas Governor Greg Abbott for seeking to defend the territorial integrity of his state and tackle the burden millions of illegals have put on border communities.

The “beneficiaries” of the bussing campaign so far have been New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC, including a location outside the residence of Kamala Harris at the Naval Observatory.

Turning It Around on Those Who Struggle For America’s Sake

Kamala Harris has never even set foot on the US-Mexican border; though, in March 2021, her boss, Sleepy Joe, appointed her as his administration’s “point person” on the border.

Her only visit near the border was in June 2021, but even then, she kept a safe distance of a few miles from the actual borderline, which – for all practical purposes – ceased to exist, thanks to the policies of the “Biden-Harris administration.”

Instead of acknowledging her own and her boss’ “dereliction of duty” through the de facto destruction of the southern border, Harris impudently attacked Abbott for his bussing campaign.

Never mind the campaign has been designed not only to bring the border crises to those responsible for it – wealthy Democratic elites in DC and NYC – but is also seeking to relieve border communities, while raising national awareness about the plight of the destroyed border.

By implication, Harris attacked anybody who would like to see an America with secure borders.

She went after anyone who is against the random invasion of this nation by countless third-world illegals for no rational reason whatsoever. Harris is solely for serving the goals of modern-day communists of turning the United States into a nightmarish anti-utopia.

In her comments on “Late Night,” Kamala argued the illegal immigrants who are flocking to the US by the millions “fled great harm.”

She thinks this is why Texas’ GOP governor is obliged to cater to all of their needs and desires, simply because they decided to pay off the Mexican drug cartels and settle at will in the richest country in the world.

Harris blasted Abbott for staging “political theater” and “playing games” with the illegals’ lives. Never mind it has been the Biden administration doing this by promising any third-world person who so wishes the opportunity to enter the United States.


This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.