Kamala Suffers Mightiest Blow Yet as Chief of Staff Quits on Her

Vice President Kamala Harris, whose political performance hasn’t exactly been the best, as reflected by her abysmal ratings, has just been dealt a brand new blow.

This blow is the strongest one she’s suffered yet.

Swapping One Clinton Operative For Another

Harris has become known for making nearly as many public gaffes as her boss Sleepy Joe, despite being 22 years his junior.

A large part of the reason for that might be the very shaky retention rate of her staff.

The situation is hardly going to get better now since Harris is getting abandoned by the most senior member of her team yet, namely her chief of staff Tina Flournoy.

Shockingly enough, Flournoy has become the 12th member of Kamala’s vice-presidential team to abandon the ship in the very brief period of 15 months since she was sworn in.

Flournoy’s departure comes amid a number of reports exposing internal strife inside the vice president’s office, The Daily Mail reports.

Flournoy has a long record as an operative of the Democrat Party. She served as the chief of staff for former President Bill Clinton after his second term ended.

Prior to that, she was also the chief of staff of Joe Lieberman, the Democrats’ vice-presidential nominee for the 2000 presidential election.

In a statement on Thursday, Harris described Flournoy as a “valued advisor and confidant,” a “consummate public servant,” and a “tremendous leader.”

None of the qualities in question seemingly helped Flournoy guide the vice president’s office through the rough waters of Kamala’s inadequate performance and frequent gaffes on the job.

Toxicity at the Veep’s Office

The long list of those who have fled the Harris office also includes her chief spokesperson, national security adviser, speechwriter, deputy chief of staff, and a number of advisors, among others.

The pace at which Kamala is losing her staffers is accelerating, too. At the end of March, she was abandoned by her National Security Adviser Nancy McEldowney; in early April, her Deputy Chief of Staff, Michael Fuchs, also took off.

The news about Flournoy’s departure caught Harris during a visit to her home state of California, including events in both San Francisco and her home city of Los Angeles.

There have been a number of reports about toxicity in the vice-presidential office since last fall and those have actually come from mainstream leftist media.

One of the most embarrassing episodes from Kamala’s 15th month in office so far involved her fuming over a Vogue magazine cover that showed her wearing sneakers.

In another case, Harris dispatched Fournoy to yell at the staffers of Joe Biden because they didn’t stand up when Kamala entered the room, the way they did for their boss.

Just as she lost her chief of staff, Kamala also took a hit from Russia, as she was slapped with sanctions by the regime of Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin.