Kari Lake Criticizes Fox News for Firing Their Best Host, Tucker Carlson

In an interview with Eric Bolling on Newsmax, Arizona Republican Kari Lake decided to speak up on the recent departure of Tucker Carlson from Fox News and Biden’s reelection bid.

If you’ve been an avid fan of Tucker Carlson’s delivery of the truth, chances are you were devastated by his departure from the Fox News network.

Tucker was too good for Fox…

However, the network may be just as devastated. The split between the two parties has already cost them $1 billion in company value and there’s a lot more where that came from.

Steve Bannon even claimed without Tucker, there’s little to actually watch on Fox these days and it’s probably how most of their viewers feel. As it turns out though, this “surprising turn of events” was a long time coming.

Despite this, Tucker leaving Fox was still a shock to the millions of his viewers, as he was one of the few remaining populist hosts on the network; one could argue he was the last one still fighting for the truth.

Kari Lake was initially invited for an interview for her lawsuit against Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County. Tucker was the only one on her side.

The beacon of truth no longer on Fox News

Kari Lake spared no time criticizing the executives at Fox News who approved the firing of Tucker Carlson, claiming it to be just another part of their push towards globalism.

Kari also assured she’ll remain in Trump’s corner until the very end and Biden will finally display just how big of a loser he is if he actually makes it past the Democrat primaries.

Even though he’s announced his run for president once again, Joe’s chances of winning are as slim as they can get.

Everyone’s aware of what he’s done to this country in the past two years and with two more years of woke policies ahead of us, there’s no telling what’ll happen to this once-great country that we all knew and loved.