Laptop Repairman Involved in Hunter Biden Case Sues Media

"Joe Biden with Hunter Biden" by Louise Palanker

The case of Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents being confiscated by intelligence agencies is long behind us.

However, the incident affected more than just President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The man whose repair shop came under fire in the investigations that followed has started his own case.

Namely, John Paul Mac Isaac’s repair shop was forced to close down, due to the public backlash he received.

Numerous media outlets including Politico and Daily Beast claimed he was spreading Russian misinformation.

“Joe Biden Event, November 2019, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden” by Louise Palanker

He bases his defamation case on the fact that House Intelligence Committee head Adam Schiff went to extreme lengths to sell the story as a Russian smear campaign without providing any real evidence, effectively throwing the repairman under the bus.

Rapid spread of misinformation cost John Paul Mac his IT repair shop

At the moment, Mac Isaac is claiming CNN broadcasted the defamatory story, which, after the fallout, caused him significant damages, including the loss of his repair shop.

Aside from CNN, Isaac also aims to bring down The Daily Beast, a news outlet that claimed the laptop in question was “stolen.”

Politico used information obtained from “former intelligence officials” to support their narrative of the laptop’s contents being Russian disinformation.

Due to the aforementioned and a dozen more clear-cut cases of defamation, Isaac’s lawyer stated his client is seeking at least $1M in damages and punitive charges, with the final number determined at the trial.

In a recent press conference, Mac Isaac stated while the unfolding of the events cost him his main source of income, he now wishes for the truth to be made public.

America Project supports the smeared repairman

Currently, he’s being backed in his efforts to clear his name by The America Project.

This is a nonprofit organization originally founded by Army General Michael Flynn, a sworn Trump loyalist, joined by his brother Joe Flynn and Pat Byrne, a successful businessman.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Michael Flynn said they’re honored to be sponsoring Mac Isaac in his fight to reveal the truth that was obscured through coordination between the political elite and left-wing media.

The repairman originally acquired the laptop in 2019 when Hunter Biden left it at his shop, only to never return for it.

The laptop and its contents were quickly confiscated by the FBI, save for the hard disk, which Isaac handed to Rudy Giuliani eight months later.

The FBI’s report confirmed the laptop’s authenticity.

Over the following year, the hundreds of incriminating and morally questionable photos and videos of the president’s son were revealed, only to be wiped off the face of the earth soon thereafter.

The hard drive contained over 100k text messages, 154k emails, and 2k photos, including dozens of dubious wire transfers between the Biden family and organizations across the globe.

Currently, coming across any of this evidence is near-impossible, showing you really can get away with everything if you’ve got friends, or in Hunter’s case, a father, in high places.